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Come on home to the Neighborhood ... It's Friendlier

The LDS market just became a little easier for independent LDS publishers and authors.

This past summer, the major retailer in the LDS market made the decision to only carry the books of their own authors on the shelves of their stores. They included subsidiaries as well. They then scooped up all the books from independent publishers and sent them back, driving several out of business. The LDS market was looking a little dismal at that point.

Then launched a new effort into the social networking aspect of the internet and begin drawing in consumers of all ages, sex and culture. How does this effect the LDS book market you ask? Oh, let me share!

With gas prices through the roof, the economy struggling and personal time at a premium, The Book Block of yourLDSneighborhood is a virtual reader/shopper's dream and here's why.

The Neighborhood shopper sits down at their computer, pulls up yourLDSneighborhood and shops for products, services, articles, interviews . . . be they books, music, the arts, coin collecting, clothing, food . . . they just cruise buying whatever they want without ever leaving the comfort of their home. They save on money, time and frustration . . . a virtual shopping trifecta!

Now back to our Book Block, my personal favorite of the Neighborhood. The Book Store is a Who's Who of Neighborhood Authors, such as Rachel Ann Nunes, Josi Kilpack, Candace E. Salima and many more. We are adding authors every day, thrilled to bring our shoppers the finest in LDS fiction and nonfiction.

Our virtual shoppers meander down the block checking out bookstore after bookstore. Picture your business there. We have space for six more businesses and then the premium spots on the Book Block are gone. With radio, television, billboard and online advertising,'s reach is extending across the world.

Our first stop on the book is Zion's Promise Historical Novels, a store is leased by author, Dr. Chris Jefferies showcasing the books he's written.

The NonFiction Store is new to the Neighborhood and contains the collective works of multiple authors who are advertising their work through the Book Block. We have books from the foremost expert on disaster preparedness in the nation, religious and historical matters. The NonFiction Store's inventory is growing on a daily basis, so our virtual shoppers often drop by daily to see what's new.

The Fiction Store is brand new to the Neighborhood and is at the very beginning! We are adding new books as fast as we can and we will soon have row after row of books. In the meantime, check out Hannah's Heart and Zion's Promise . . . both great additions to home family library. A number of new titles are coming online in just a matter of days.

Imagine a virtual presence on the Neighborhood, my friends. Be you publisher, author or store owner, this is the way to expand your reach across the world. You lease the space and we do all the advertising. Depending on the package you purchase, you receive the following advertising benefits:

Newsletter Advertising: Includes newsletter product tile ads, up to 6 per month

Street Fair Advertising: Product box with link in Street Fair on LDS Outlet block and Newsletter ads, up to 3 per month

Outlet Booth: Product box with link in designated storefront on LDS Outlet Block, and Newsletter ads, up to 4 per month

Marketplace Storefront: Marketplace Catalog box ad in targeted storefront, and Newsletter ads-monthly for designated storefront

Storefront Owner: Building on your block, Building on New Neighbor block for one week, Landing page with on-site ads (i.e., banner, skyscraper, rich media (YouTube media), Newsletter ads – up to 5 per month, Radio recognition in yourLDSneighborhood ad campaigns when available, Outlet Booth and Advertising on Neighborhood and Friends social network

Building Owner/Block Sponsor: Presence on Home Page, Main Building Owner of designated block; Presence on another block with a billboard ad; Building on New Neighbor block for 1 week; Landing page with on-site ads (i.e. banner, skyscraper, rich media (YouTube), Marketplace Catalog page available; Featured Business recognition; Outlet Booth; Advertising on Neighborhood and Friends social network; and TV and Radio recognition in yourLDSneighborhood ad campaigns when available

In other words, this is a unique opportunity for your company, or your work, to establish a presence on If you've lost retail power in the main LDS bookstores then this is the place for you!

For our authors we have four very unique packages which fit every budget and purpose.

If you're interested in establishing a presence on and extending the reach of your customer base, then contact me at and we'll talk. We'll examine all your options and find the package which suits your needs best.

Come on home to the Neighborhood. You'll like it here.
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