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America's Viewpoint: Plant City, FL

We had a wedding event for brides last night to promote honeymoons. When we do these events, we (girls) are typically dressed alike. Amy, Danielle and I were wearing our pink shirts and black skirts. This man had apparently been at the bar drinking (alot) and was intoxicated. When he went to leave the restaurant, he spotted us with our pink shirts. He stopped at our table. Turns out he is visiting central Florida from Bermuda. He had to know how H had 3 blonde girls with him all wearing pink shirts. The funny part is Danielle is a brunette. As H moved the man along, the man stopped and said

"Please when you go to vote for your next president, don't vote democrat. Vote republican. The rest of the world is counting on you to vote republican. The whole world will have problems if you vote for the democrat!"

I was amazed that even in this man's drunken stupor, God used him. Drunk or not, he still knew the message was important.

As much as most of the world doesn't like us, they are still relying on Americans to make the right choices. I've had people in the past tell me not to worry if they make a bad decision, they are the ones who have to live with it. Really!?!

The real estate gypsies (as I like to call them) who move as quickly as possible from one hot market to the next raping each community of money and value leaving the locals to hold everything together.

The homeowners who kept borrowing to pay off credit card debt or to keep spending. The person who says it doesn't matter if they have a job or not, Uncle Sam will take care of them.

The citizen who says "It doesn't matter who I vote for. My vote doesn't count anyway!" Our choices in life have a rippling effect on everybody!

The rest of the world seems to know the truth. Why don't we?

Keep your momentum going! You are making a difference!

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