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Stupid Hollywood

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to have my screenplays produced and my movies take the world by storm, thereby insuring my own financial success and perhaps providing moments of sheer escapism from the world while uplifting the audience. I write screenplays where the good guys always win and the bad guys always meet a terrible end. Heroes reign supreme in every fictional story I create, be it for the movie screen or for the written page. My stories contain old-fashioned American values, heroes with flaws but continue pushing forward; and flawed bad guys who just don't get it and never will because they are driven by sheer greed, self-adoration and a lack of understanding why anyone else even matters in their little worlds.

I'm sitting here watching Glenn Beck interview conservatives in Hollywood, such as Michael Medved, Chuck Norris, David Zucker and the gentleman who wrote Empire of Lies. (My apologies, sir. I forgot your name.) Conservatives are in the closet in Hollywood. These gentlemen spoke about the "gray curtain" that exists there. Unless you are fully and completely established, sometimes even then, being a conservative will cost you jobs.

Now we're all aware that Hollywood lives on their own little planet:

Matt Damon says that Governor Palin is simply a hockey mom who plans on using what she learned through that role to be President of the United States. Holy crap! Hey Damon, did you miss everything else she's done? Yes, she's a wife and a mother with values . . . oh no, values? We can't have values in the vice-president or president of the United States of America. She was a mayor who left her city $2,000,000 to the positive. She IS the GOVERNOR of the state of Alaska which borders Russia and provides 20% of our energy. She cut budgets. Shaved off unneccesary government. Routed the corrupt politicians and party heads. But oh hell no, she's not qualified to be Vice-President. All she's ever been is a hockey mom.

My head is spinning from the sheer ignorance and stupidity of that statement.

Earlier today, Whoopi castigated John McCain for saying he would appoint judges who would defend and interpret the Constitution as the founding fathers intended it to be interpreted. Whoopi responded with, "Do I need to worry about being a slave?" Rush Limbaugh called Whoopi, after that comment, "a glittering jewel of arrogant ignorance." I love that. What a turn of phrase, and I think it can be applied to all liberals in the nation.

Susan Sarandon looked at the ET cameras night before last, and with dark circles and bags under her eyes said, "Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor. That's all I have to say." Okay, first a politician said it, then a news commentator said it and THEN Susan Sarandon decided she liked it so much she repeated it. Did they just compare Jesus to Obama? Step back . . . you don't want to be near the lightning rods. I've only got one word, moronic. I haven't been able to watch a Susan Sarandon movie in years because of her craziness and I was just beginning to soften. Way to go, Susan, you stopped me cold. I won't be shelling over any of my hard-earned money for any of your movies. Come to think of it, Matt Damon either. Whoopi either. Crud. Stupid Hollywood.

I think we can safely apply Rush's "glittering jewel of arrogant ignorance" to liberal Hollywood who thinks they can force their pro-homosexual, anti-American, anti-Family, anti-morals, anti-values, anti-everything good, on the American people. And sadly, they've had way too much influence. Hollywood hates conservatives. Hollywood abhors Governor Sarah Palin, a woman of honor, integrity and sheer undiluted grit and patriotism.

Now back to my dream of having my scripts produced. In this Hollywood climate there is no way on God's green earth, yes, the God they deny and mock, that I will be able to fulfill my dream. A dream I've worked, toiled, wept and despaired over for twenty years. A dream I have refused to give up, and yet at this moment in time, I believe this dream will never come to fruition.

I don't know where I'd ever find the money to make my movies. Oh, and I've tried, searching every corner of the world for someone to believe in me and my dream. Oh yes, I hired experts to create budgets. I sweated over a stellar business plan for more than two years. I pulled together an incredible team of filmmakers. I did five-year projections, even ten. And yet, even with all that, I could never find anyone willing invest.

But even if I could, it is apparent that I would NEVER be able to get distribution. And in case you don't know, if a movie doesn't get distribution it is dead in the water. Same result as when the studio provides no marketing, dead in the water.

So you may be asking, why would Hollywood's leftist, communist attitude prevent me from having a movie produced and distributed? Because those in Hollywood who have declared their conservative status suffer for it. And I have no connections to push things through there. And let's face it, it's not in my nature, at all, to deny who I am. Not as an American. Not as a conservative. Not as a Latter-day Saint.

Stupid Hollywood.
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