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Seven Years Ago Today

Seven years ago today, bin Laden's terrorist puppets hit the World Trade Centers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington D.C. and because of the heroes of United Flight 93, in Pennsylvania rather than the Capitol Building. That day heroes of all shapes, sizes and colors stepped forward. Many gave their lives then, others gave their lives afterward and the world stood still.

FoxNews is playing the footage from that morning, and now, as then, the feelings of sorrow and rage overwhelmed me. I was reminded that terrorists are cowards of the worst kind produced by the dregs of society. I was reminded that this faction which has hijacked Islam, a religion whose precepts and behaviors I completely disagree with, uses the Koran to commit wholesale murder of their own people and innocent civilians. I was reminded that the complete disregard for humanity and morality runs rampant in terrorists, much as disease eats at your body and soul. They are no longer human, if they ever were, but are beings completely taken over by their god, Satan. It is people such as this who perpetrated those crimes on America.

And in the streets of American cities, particularly Detroit as I remember, Muslims danced in the streets for the deaths of Americans and the attacks on American Soil. They thrilled at the loss of life in the country which had welcomed them and provided them with education and homes free of the violent and vicious regimes of their homelands. And in this land of hope and opportunity, they rejoiced at the deaths of their hosts. My heart bled and resolve became firm, I would stand with the United States of America, as my ancestors had and as family members now do, and would fight with everything in my means to defend this great nation from the cowards of the world.

And where do these feelings mesh with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Well, forgiveness is necessary on my part and I'll admit, I haven't quite accomplished that. To be perfectly honest, I haven't even tried. I am the daughter of patriots who have fought for this nation since the pilgrims landed in America. In every single war, including the Revolutionary War, my ancestors have fought to defend and protect America. And to this day, my cousins and uncle, as well as dear and respected friends and ward members, continue to serve in the militaries of this nation. They stand on that line drawn in the sand, and insure that bin Laden and his ilk will never easily waltz onto American soil and wreak havoc again.

Many Americans rejoice in the bashing of President George W. Bush, and I'll admit I have not been happy with him and his stance on illegal immigration, but he is a hero. On September 11, 2001 he was reading to schoolchildren when the first planes hit. He was resolute and strong. He did not allow the shock, despair and confusion show on his face. Under no circumstances, did he allow the frightening of the children. At the conclusion of that reading, he was swept away and in the air as law enforcement and the military sought to insure the safety of the Commander in Chief.

And since that day, multiple terrorist attacks, many on a daily basis, have been foiled by the Bush Administration and our law enforcement agencies. Our military fights the battle in the Middle East, where it belongs, rather than on the soil of the American continent. And so I ask that Americans stop attacking our military for the brave and patriotic duty which they carry out every day in order that we might be safe. I ask that Americans take a look at the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism and see how they have been protected. I ask Americans to remember the cost and remember who and what they are. We are Reagan's "shining city on a hill" and the Savior's "ensign to the nations". We are the last stand for freedom and democracy, let's not screw it up now. With great privilege, and being an American is just that, comes great responsibility.

Because of America, the Kingdom of God, with the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, rolled forth to every corner of the world. Because of America, more than 80 constitutions have been written based on our own inspired and divine Constitution. Because of America, freedom has rolled into nation after nation, allowing people to choose for themselves who to worship, what religion to join, what career to choose and how to save their countries. Being an American is amazing and a sacred privilege, do not let others who try to convince us we should be ashamed, that we are not allowed to to have pride in our nation, win. Stand for who and what you are. You are Americans. You are children of God who have answered the call to save the world.

Are we perfect? Nope! Only Jesus Christ can claim that distinction. Do we try? Oh yeah, with everything in us. Is there corruption in our government? Oh yeah. Are there righteous people in our government? Oh yeah. Can this nation be saved with all her economic and military troubles? Without question! It takes an American people who have shaken off apathy and reached deep inside for the courage and strength that formed this nation. It takes the Sarah Palin's, John McCain's, Mitt Romney's, Thomas S. Monson's, unnamed soldiers and the people of the quiet suburbs, farms and ranches of our nation . . . shake off mediocrity and reach for who you can really be. Because if you don't, the yellow-bellied terrorists who struck us on September 11th have won.

FYI: I was privileged to interview Jay F. Case on the state of terrorism in the world today and what drives these animals to destroy everything around them. Click on Interview with Jay F. Case to listen in, it's eye-opening, to say the least!
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