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Recipe: Pancakes

Everyone is so used to using pancake mixes or heading out to the local breakfast joints to get some really good pancakes. Me, I grew up with a mother who cooked every single one of our meals from scratch. She was really good at it too.

We grew up on a small, small farm. Goats, chickens, a cow, a pig, dogs, cats, gardens, orchards, greenhouse . . . my mother raised us on home cooked, home grown meals which sustained me until they figured out what was wrong with my heart. Which is an entirely different story I will get into on another day. I promise.

But back to the point. Pancakes. This recipe has been in my family for I don't know how long, but I know it goes back to pioneer days. So I invite you to step up to your kitchen counter and join me in a breakfast enjoyed by my family for decades, if not centuries.


1 1/4 c. Flour
3 t. Baking Powder
1 t. Salt
3 T. Oil
1 Egg
About 1 c. Milk

Mix the ingredients, in order, in a mixing bowl. Blend on medium speed with a mixer.

Heat a griddle, be it cast iron or teflon, until the water you flick from your fingers dances on the griddle.

Pour the desired amount on the pan.

Wait until the batter bubbles before turning pancake.

Pancake is completely done when the center bounces back from a light touch.

Serve with:

Butter and syrup,
Strawberries and fresh whipped cream,
Summer Berry Sauce and fresh whipped cream, or

Top with fried eggs and bacon, as my husband is fond of doing.

Any way you serve it, it is delicious!

*Note: If your pancakes are too dark by the time the bubbles begin to appear your pan is on too high, lower the temperature. For my griddle, it works best between the Low and Medium temperature settings.

Happy Eating.

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Recipe: Pancakes Recipe: Pancakes Reviewed by Candace Salima on Friday, September 26, 2008 Rating: 5