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A Potpourri of Political Thoughts

It's so nice of the Democrat strategists to tell us we don't know our own minds and that Sarah Palin makes no difference to anyone in regards to voting for John McCain or not. Cause I was pretty damn sure she made all the difference to me. Here's why:

1. John McCain showed great wisdom and strength of character in choosing her as his VP running mate. This gave me more confidence in him.

2. She's pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-Constitution, pro-Founding Father,s pro-America, pro-family, pro-God and exceedingly conservative. I was so sure that's why I'm enthusiastic about voting the McCain/Palin ticket now. But I'm glad the morons over on the left set me straight on that.

3. I was so positive that I liked Sarah because she's a "git-r-done" kind of person. She hunts. She fishes. She isn't a hothouse flower who wilts at the first sign of opposition. She's taken on corrupt politicians and businessmen . . . and won. She stripped the Alaskan budget of all excesses and worked to balance the budget. She's a devoted wife and mother. She is the mother of an American soldier. But liberal strategists are right, she doesn't matter to me and I'm really grateful they set me straight on that.


Don't you idiots presume to tell me how I think, how I feel and what is important to me. You are traitors to the American people who believe in the validity and soundness of the Constitution of America. You are traitors to the American people who believe in fiscal responsibility and maintaining the Republic our founding fathers set up to protect the American people.

You want me to vote for Barack Obama, the communist? I don't give a damn that the man is black. He could be purple with green stripes, or as fair-haired and blue-eyed as one of Hitler's mythical perfect race and I STILL WOULDN'T VOTE FOR HIM! He's a communist. Are you so stupid as to think I don't get that.
  • Obama wants universal health care paid for by the American taxpayer.
  • Obama wants to control education of our children from the federal government.
  • Obama wants to tell us how warm we can keep our homes and what we can drive.
  • Obama wants us to give up our 2nd-Amendment rights (and you can argue all you want that he doesn't, but he stated, for the record, in an Illinois race that he supported the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment (paraphrased there.)
  • Obama voted, 3 SEPARATE TIMES, for babies who survived abortions to be left to die, receiving no medical care or help.
  • Obama has no problem with the high price of gas, he just thinks it went up too fast for the American people to accept. He said Europe pays upwards of $8 why shouldn't we?
  • Obama is against drilling for oil here in the U.S. He'd rather Americans lose their homes, lose their cars, lose their ability to even go to the grocery store unless its a couple of blocks away and leave us a broken people than drill for oil in America.
  • Obama's programs he wants to put in place will break the American people and economy and can only be implemented if democracy is tossed out and communism fully implemented.
Oh yeah, I gotta vote for him because he's black. Only if I lose the last working brain cell in my head!

NOT. It's the typical Democrat "tax and spend" policy that has driven America to the brink time and time again.

Call me racist all you want. What I am is a thinking American woman who takes Obama's words at face value. Because I have to tell you people, he hasn't tried to hide any of this. He will, I promise you, spend America into third world nation status. He will, this "I am not an American citizen, but a world citizen" betray us to our enemies in every way you can possibly come up with. Vote for Obama, I think not.

And moving on:

41 days to go until the Presidential race and Barack Obama is still in the race. So I am left to wonder, are Americans so enamored of voting for a "black man" as to not recognize he will destroy this nation. I refer you to his voting record. I refer you to his rhetoric. I refer you to his beliefs. I refer you to his books. A vote for Obama is a vote for the wholesale destruction of America.

Have you been so sucked into the bull taught in the public school systems: that America is the problem, that America is the terrorist, that America is the aggressor, that America is the "great Satan" as the head lunatic in Iran is fond of saying, that would be Mahmoud Ahmadinejhad, for those of you who don't know who he is.

America is the greatest nation on earth. Our constitution is divinely inspired and uniquely designed to protect the American people from a government gone mad. We do not invade other nations and keep them. We do not undergo the wholesale slaughter of a religion or people because we don't like the way they think, look, believe or behave. We don't have wholesale genocide amongst our people and our cultures. We have spent the last 7 years fighting the attack on American soil. We have built nations. We have defended her peoples. We have built schools, libraries, restored churches, created democracies, liberated men, women and children, built bridges and infrastructres and so very much more. We have shipped tons upon tons of food, medical supplies and clothing to nations ravaged by nature and war. Our people and our soldiers have flown across the world to help others in need.

We are a great nation and I refuse to accept this lie which has been perpetuated in the classrooms of America. I thank my God for a mother who was educated, knowledgeable and wise enough to correct the falacies we were taught in school. I am grateful for the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who stand as sentinels against the liberals of the nation who would ultimately and completely destroy America. I am grateful for the likes of politicians who can shake off the bipartisanship and truly work together to represent the best interests of this nation. (Yes, I know they are far and few inbetween.)

I am an American and could not be prouder of, nor love my country anymore than I do. A fierce patriotism burns deep within my soul for this nation forged in the flames of the American continent. It is this country which allowed the fully restored and complete Gospel of Jesus Christ to roll forward throughout the world. I am an American. I will not cower. I will not betray. I will not hang my head in shame.

Moving on to the economy:

We face scary times. A number of events which began during the Clinton adminsitration coalesced to cause the economic disaster we currently face:
  • The trading of futures (predicting what things would sell for in the future and then driving those prices up to meet those predicted amounts)
  • Junk mortgages (giving mortgages to people who couldn't afford the amounts)
  • The greed of corporate CEOs (no, we should not privatize these corporations, but if any of them receive portions of the bailout currently being debated, these CEOs but NOT RECEIVE their golden parachutes. It's the only level of industry where you can fail, get fired and be compensated to the tune of millions upon billions.)
  • Congressional laziness, greed and bipartisan wrangling
  • If you don't have the money, don't buy it.
Just to name a few. Yes, these bailouts are necessary, sadly. Had we stopped long ago we would not be in this situation. If young people didn't feel like they have to everything right away that took their parents a lifetime to build, our economy would be in a much better situation. If Wall Street wasn't driven by greed and the need to rob the American people, even the world, of all their resources. If . . . if . . . if . . .

McCain's call for an oversight committee is a great idea. Senator McCain, the more you do the better I feel about voting for you. The McCain/Palin ticket has my support.

Love it! Mitt Romney, Warren Buffet and Bloomberg. A Republican, a Democrat and an Independent . . . brilliant businessmen, two politicians, two lawyers . . . oh yeah, I'm completely comfortable with putting them in charge of riding herd on Poulsen and the federal government's handling of the bailout funds. I call on Congress to approve this and approve it immediately! And make sure you give this oversight committe teeth and restrictions.

If we want the economy fixed, let's put these men in charge who have already accomplished wild success in the private industry. Give them the right to veto any nonsensical or ridiculous dispersion of funds to individual corporations. Let's make this happen and happen now.

Oh yeah, Senator McCain, when you win, put Mitt Romney in as the Secretary of the Treasury and give him the ability to fix this economy.
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