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So the Republicans think John McCain won the debate. The Dems think Barack Obama won. There's a shocker. Obama's people are bashing John McCain, so much for not doing "politics as usual", I guess he threw that thought out the window when he started getting attacked on his record, his policies and his choices. Man, he really hates that.

Other people think John McCain looked tired. Well, duh. He's been in Washington, D.C. working his butt off trying to find a workable resolution to the current economic crisis. He flew into Mississippi for the dog and pony show that Obama was convinced had to move forward. Then he flew straight back to Washington, D.C. to get back to work. And he looked tired and Barack Obama looked fresh. Really people, you're not that stupid are you?

Somehow, people seem to think Barack Obama's economic plan is a good idea. Did you all forget that his "little" plan has a trillion dollar price tag? Have you forgotten what he wants to do? I've certainly listed his "plans" multiple times on his blog and really had no desire to do it again.

Oh, then let's talk about Sarah Palin. The liberal media has attacked with a visciousness that is astounding . . . and disheartening. I've heard commentators ask, "Why is she hated so much?" I can tell you. I know the answer.

Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman, but that is completely beside the point. She is a conservative and that is completely the point. She is a wife and mother, and happy to be so. She is prolife, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-U.S., pro-military . . . everything the libs hate. She's strong, intelligent and confident. She suffers no fools.

The left is completely rabid about Sarah Palin, unequically stating that she does not represent the thought process or beliefs of the American woman. Wrong. She does. She represents the thoughts and beliefs of millions of American women, millions upon millions, who don't believe in murdering their own children, becoming defenseless against aggressors and we do believe in taking care of our families in whatever ways become necessary, including hunting and fishing.

I have to admit, I'm sick to death of the left. I'm sick to death of city elitists who look down on people who give them food, the clothes on their backs, the vehicles they drive and the gas they use to drive them. I'm sick to death of the "you're subhuman if you don't believe in abortion" (there's an oxymoron if I ever heard one). I'm sick to death of politics. But here's a great video that really breaks it down as to the reason we're in the mess we're in and whose to blame.

Update: Apparently this video has been pulled from YouTube due to Warner Brothers Music claiming a music copyright violation. Interesting. Well, hopefully the producers of the video will remake it quickly and get it back up right away. It had valuable information, including the prominent Democrats now claiming they are the saviors of the American people stopping legislation which would have prevented the mess we are currently in.

So the left can point fingers all they want, but the record clearly shows who began what and then perpetuated the problem. It's a shame that shortsighted and ignorant Americans, like Barack Obama, want to blame it all on President Bush. You see, that's easier than finding out the truth for yourself. Not just part of it, but the whole truth, beginning with Jimmy Carter.

So let's not forget the earmarks and pork that is being built into this $700,000,000,000 bail out by the Democrats. So much for rescuing our financial systems, it's back to what can "I" get out of this. (Let's start with all these CEOs giving back their golden parachutes, that should be a drop in a very big bucket they created, starting with the CEOs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.) Let's not forget that we need to start drilling in America now. Let's not forget that we must close our southern borders. Let's not forget that America faces a hosts of problems beyond the machinations and finances of Wall Street and our banks. This is what they get for trying to screw the American people. Their little house of cards falling down around their ears.

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