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A Day with the Nephews

Yesterday morning, early, I attended the football games of my 11-year-old and 8-year-old nephews. Very fun and I could not have been more proud. It's a great way to spend Saturday mornings. The 11-year-old's team kicked butt and ended up with a 28 to zip score. The 8-year-old's team, still figuring it out. But it was so much fun! I couldn't be prouder of those young boys. Their father is rather anti-BYU . . . okay, really anti-BYU. So we've had a blast indoctrinating his children and now his boys are on their way to being BYU Cougars. Oh yeah, I can see the potential in them. If they work hard and listen to their coaches they'll be playing in LaVell Edwards Stadium one day. Mark my words.

After those games were over I raced over to the grocery store and did some grocery shopping. It was one of those main trips you know? Where you're out of everything and you know it's going to cost some money. Holy Cow! I know food prices have gone up, but I just about went into sticker shock right there at the register. Not too long ago what I bought would have been about $200 . . . not any longer! I staggered out of the store with my $300 grocery bill because I didn't have time to fuss about it, I threw the groceries in the car and raced home. Carried them all in, got all the perishables in the fridge, pulled my hair back, splashed water on my face, changed my clothes and went to pick up a neighbor kid so that we could go watch BYU kick Huskie butt. Yeah, we have a number of nephews on the team this year too. Loving it! But Vic got hurt and I felt really bad for him.

In case you're wondering where Alvin and Sete were in all this. They were both at work receiving regular text messages from me on the progress of all of yesterdays games.

Festival Cinemas, behind University Mall, is playing the away games again. in one of their theaters It was a blast, just like it was last year, to sit there in the theater and cheer, and groan or yell depending on the circumstances, with all the other fans. It was a great game ending with another clutch blocked kick. It was a thing of beauty.

The PAC10 refs were crooked, as usual. Cheating often, but I've come to expect that BYU has to win their games the hard way. It's just the way it goes down, and yes, I do believe there is a special place in hell for refs who cheat. And you know what? We win anyway.

At least Bronco pulls in refs from other conferences in order to forestall the nonesense, but not the PAC10. They like stacking the deck to try and make sure their teams win. Although I have to give props to the PAC10 ref who actually called an "unsportsmanlike conduct" call on the Husky quarterback, Locker. That was pretty brave as the the Husky fans are now using that call as an excuse for their loss.

Hey, it was a hard-fought win, but BYU prevailed. The Huskies were good, but it was our day and we won.

Here's another picture that I simply had to include. It is of our dear friend Robert Anae and Max Hall. Robert, Alvin and I go back to our college days and oh the stories we all have! Man those were the days! National championships, WAC champions (over and over and over), never losing, always winning. Yeah, those were the good ol' days. They seem to be coming back around too. Love it!

Anyway, back to the present. The game was a nail biter but my BYU Cougars prevailed, ending an that very exicting note!

"I'm proud of our team. When it came down to making a play to win the football game, our players demonstrated their will one more time. That's a phenomenal thing." — BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall

Vici So'oto was hurt, but I think he's going to be okay. He's a wonderful young man, another of our nephews, and I really hated to see him hurt. So my thoughts and prayers are going out to him as well.

Washington lost quite a few players. It seemed that with every play another one went down. Now, obviously that couldn't be true or else there would have been no Washington players left on the field by the 4th quarter., but that is what it seemed like.

There was one young man, Darin Harris, who was hurt rather badly when he tried to keep Dennis Pitta from catching a pass. Pitta caught the pass and Darin began bleeding from his eyes and ears. It wasn't good. The entire game stopped and the Washington bench fell to their knees and prayed for their teammate as the the medics worked on Darin. Everyone was very concerned and it was inspiring to watch an entire team drop to their knees.

The Canadian Press reported:

"Harris was injured when his head hit the field trying to chase down BYU tight end Dennis Pitta, who had just caught a 22-yard pass near the BYU sideline. BYU trainers immediately came to Harris' aid as Washington medical personnel raced across the field.

"Harris was put onto a backboard and then placed on the stretcher. He appeared to be moving his arms as he was placed in the ambulance."

The News Tribune finally gave me the news I was looking for on this young man:

"Harris, who had been sprawled on the field for several minutes Saturday afternoon before being taken from Husky Stadium by ambulance, apparently suffered a concussion. However, there was no indication of neck or spinal damage.

“The outlook for Darin Harris is very good,” coach Tyrone Willingham said. “There’s no – that we’re able to tell right now – neck injury. He should be fine from that standpoint."

I am really glad to hear that. I was very worried about him.

Articles on the games: Deseret News - Dick Harmon, Deseret News - Jeff Call, The News Tribume, The Canadian Press

As soon as the game ended, Jeremy and I raced out to the car, I dropped him off at this house and I ran home, up the stairs and into the shower. It was 4:30 and we had to leave at 6:30 because our nephew, Sete, was receiving the Melchezidek Priesthood last night at Stake Conference. So we all raced around, no time for eating, and we were out the door by 6:35 and in our seats by 7:00. Sete sat on the stand with the stake presidency because he was speaking. It was a fantastic Saturday night session of Stake Conference. My heart and spirit were deeply touched and I was just bursting with joy and pride over the choices Sete has made. Listening to him bear his testimony is so amazing. What an astounding young man. Alvin and I feel so honored to be in his life and we love him so much.

Wonderful talks by the stake presidency covered financial independence, responsibility for family and for food storage, and listening to the Spirit so that we may be guided through this treacherous path of mortality. We were uplifted and edified in every possible way.

Anyway, as stake conference conluded, Sister MacKenzie came up and said that President MacKenzie had to go give a blessing and he wanted Sete to assist him. Wow. So off we went to the stake offices and Alvin ordained Sete to the office of an elder. It was so beautiful. I know I keep saying that, but the power that exists within that young man's heart and spirit is . . . words truly do fail me. The ordination was sacred and spiritual, it brought tears to my eyes.

Before the night was through, Sete helped give blessings to two men, one was another nephew and the other was a recently returned soldier from Iraq. By time we arrived home around midnight it had been a full and extremely emotionally fulfilling day. What an introduction to the Melchezidek Priesthood!

On this Sabbath morning, I am a very happy auntie.
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