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A Chip for Identification?

The prophets from the beginning of time have seen the fate of our world from beginning to end. At some point, they began warning us about the “mark of the beast.” There have been many interpretations as to what the prophets meant by that. I don't know that anyone actually knows, although many suppose they do. For me, a chip in the human body for identification holds all the qualifications to be the "mark of the beast", but I'm not saying it is.

On an email list I belong to there is a vast discussion on using chips in human beings for identification. There are those of us horrified by the idea and others who think it would make things much easier. You can guess which side of the argument I came down on. But let me explain why:

After the Columbine High School tragedy occurred, the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution immediately came under attack with renewed vigor. Sharon Stone, in all her stupidity, turned all her guns over to her local police and begged every American to do the same. What an idiot! Let’s take a look at Australia who stripped all their citizens of their guns in an effort to have a more peaceful society. Crime rose by 80% or more because the only people who had guns were the criminals. Freely giving up our 2nd Amendment rights became the cry of the far left liberals in America, now that cry is creeping toward the middle and easing toward the right. It hasn’t worked elsewhere, it won’t work here.

Examples of all types of “good ideas” being abused by our federal government, and even more, the criminal element of American society, flood the news every day. The bright idea of using “eye scanning” for identification was great until the criminals figured out all they had to do was yank someone’s eye out and use that. Ditto with every other type of ID. Put the chip in your hand and guess what will become the favorite target of the underbelly of America then?

Doing something just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s smart. For me, I come from a father who suffered horribly during WWII as a young child in Amsterdam. I come from a long line of ancestors who fought hard, shedding blood and giving their lives so that America might remain a free nation. From the 1500's forward, my lineage has fought hard to keep this nation free of tyranny. And I can do no less.

Instilled deep within my heart is the knowledge of the sacrifices and more importantly, the responsibilities and privileges we have as Americans. That means I don’t allow a “chip” implanted in my body which violates the “right to privacy” in so many ways I don’t even know where to start. Our Constitution, which was divinely inspired, assures so many rights and privileges, why on God’s green earth would I give them up for easy access. If you thought stealing an identity was easy before, wait until the criminal element of America steals a scanner and goes to town. Holy cow, the nightmare image is mind boggling, and frightening.

And last but not least, can anyone look at our government and tell me they operate on a honest, upright, forthright scale loaded with integrity and ethics? And people want to place chips in their bodies so it’s easier? Really? What happens when our nation stumbles and falls and her Constitution hangs by a thread, the criminal element is in the upper echelons of our nation and right to privacy, along with our basic and critical rights, go by the wayside. Oh wait, we're already there. Do you really trust your government that much? I don’t and I love this country with everything in me. I support our government and know that our Republic style of Democracy is the only way to go. But I don’t trust them and I never will. You see, that’s my job as an American, to be ever vigilant and diligent in electing wise, righteous leaders and then keeping a close eye on them and remain a voice to be heard. Because this is my country, my government and my person . . . I hold the right to influence and remain complete control of my own body.

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) is holding their convention in Denver. Barack Obama will take the nomination and will represent Democrats and liberals all over the nation in the November election. On this blog I have repeatedly revealed this man's communist intentions toward our nation and I see that finally Americans are beginning to open their eyes. Yet, he still remains the darling of the Democrats.

While in the Illinois State Legislature Barack Obama voted three separate times to have babies who survive abortion immediately killed because "he doesn't want the mothers to suffer for their mistakes." Abortion is bad, even evil. What Senator Obama voted for here, three times, is beyond reason and humanity. Look at his charming smile and his beaming face and gaze into the eyes of a murderer. Oh yes, when some aids in carrying out a crime they are a charged as an accessory with full penalty. Can you tell me you don't believe babies who survive abortions, are living and breathing, aren't human beings? Do I want this man as my president? No.

Barack Obama has stated: "We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," Obama said. "That's not leadership. That's not going to happen," he added."

Really people, you want to be told what to drive, how to much eat and whether you can be comfortable in your own home? Because Obama promised you he's going to invade your Constitutional rights, stop them into the ground and tell you how you can live. Again, do I want this man as my president? Absolutely not.

Obama's programs he wants to put in place will cost a trillion dollars in new taxes., at least .Have you got that kind of money? I don't. Oh wait, he wants to take the bulk of that from the oil companies and call it his "windfall taxes". Yeah, that's what Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Fidel Castro in Cuba and Stalin in Russia did. Really? That's who Barack Obama wants to be like? Because every single one of his economic and foreign olicies will drive this great nation into communism. You don't believe me?

In his own words:

Since when have Americans decided that those who work hard,and make it work for them so that they are actually making money, is a bad thing?

Since when is striving to be a millionaire a bad thing?

Since when is everything that is good and right about America a bad thing? Oh yeah, because Barack Obama says it is.

And putting a chip in your body where this guy, and those of his ilk, can get at the information sounds like a good idea? No. I don't think so. You must establish a Freedom Library and understand all that is at stake in a vote for Barack Obama. In the link I just provided for the library there is, below the books, a list of the goals the American Communist Party set down to accomplish. You will be astonished to find they have accomplished every one and Barack Obama is right in line to take their dream even further.

And you think having a chip in your body with this guy running around is a good idea? Here's the scary part folks, Barack Obama does not stand alone.

Will you stand up and be counted? Will you stand up and state irrevocably: "I am an American. I believe the Constitution of the United States of America was divinely inspired and worth defending with everything I have. I will not allow anyone to destroy this nation and will defend her at all cost. I will hold my elected officials accountable and demand they honorably serve their constituents and the Constitution. I will demand of the highest office in the land complete and unrelieving loyalty to the American people, her ideas and her Constitution. This is my country and I will not let you destroy her."

Will you step up to the polls in November and tell Barack Obama and his communist buddies, No?

Will you realize our Constitutional rights are being eroded right before our very eyes as state and federal legislatures pass hundreds of thousands of laws to justify their existence?

Will you study the teachings of the founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutuion of the United States and the Bill of Rights and internalize those principles within your very being?

Will you stand for truth? Will you stand for righteousness? Will you stand for America?
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