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Review of Mama Mia

Last Saturday Alvin let me decide what movie would we would see for my birthday. I chose Mama Mia even though I'd already seen it. It is the true measure of the love my husband has for me that he didn't even groan, just bought the tickets and took me to see it again.

Mery Streep, two-time Academy Award winner and recipient of a record breaking 14 Academy Award nominations, completely blew me away. My favorite production numbers were Honey, Honey, Dancing Queen, and The Winner Takes It All. Although I loved the entire movie, those three were definitely my favorite. I have to tell you, I had no idea Meryl Streep could sing like that. I mean, I always knew she was a killer actress, but WOW!

This little clip is when Meryl, who plays "Donna", finds out that the three men she met, independent of one another, one fateful summer are all in her old goat house. All she has to do is lift that trap door:

And Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth, two of my favorite actors, were in the film as well. They did an excellent job too, although Pierce really looks like he's in a lot of pain when he's singing. But he is on key, so . . . it's all good. Stellan Skaarsgard joined them as the third possible father for Donna's daughter.

Although the trailer makes it look like it was all about sex, it wasn't. There were 3 or 4 brief scenes (and I mean "seconds" brief) which I wasn't happy with. But all in all, I loved the movie.

Both times I saw the movie the women in the theater were laughing and enjoying themselves and the men were looking like they wanted to shoot themselves. That added to the enjoyment of the movie for me. The disparity between the two attitudes was so funny. You just know everyone of the men were wishing they were in the theater next door watching The Dark Knight.

Well, there is no doubt my husband loves me.
Review of Mama Mia Review of Mama Mia Reviewed by Candace Salima on Tuesday, July 29, 2008 Rating: 5