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Mormon Handcart Pageant

Okay, somehow I am now on the list of people to contact for all the fun stuff going on around Utah. I'm not going to complain, it gives me lots more to share with friends and family and to drag my husband to.

The Martin and Willie Handcart Companies was a difficult and tragic time in Mormon history. Saints who started out late in the year to cross the plains and the Rockies suffered greatly and lost many loved ones to the conditions. And yet, never has it been recorded anywhere, that I could find, a complaint from a single person who was a part of those companies.

When word reached Salt Lake City of the perilous condition of these Saints, Brigham Young, who was in the middle of conducting General Conference, closed the session and ordered the men to round up supplies and get to Wyoming immediately and rescue those beleaguered Saints.

And now, in Juab County, Utah, they have dedicated an entire pageant to the Martin and Willie Handcart Companies. It is free and I think worthy of rounding up your family and heading down to Nephi.

Here are the details:


A theatrical re-enactment, dedicated to the Martin and Willie Handcart Companies of 1856 and their Rescuers, both past and present.

When: July 23-26, 2008, 9:15 PM

Where: Juab County Fairgrounds Arena, 350 W. Center Street -- NEPHI, UT

Admission is FREE!

For information about pre-pageant activities & the Chuck Wagon Supper (6:30 PM)
Live oxen, mules, wagon teams, & horses.
Pioneer Story Telling, History Displays, Musical Entertainment,
Handcart Art Show, by Julie Rogers.
log on or call

(435) 623-0196


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