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Who's Behind the High Prices at the Gas Pump?

There's so much blame to go around I scarcely know where to start.

First and foremost, blame the EPA and the Environmental Cartel, you know who they are, for forcing the passage all kinds of asinine, not to mention unconstitutional, legislation that has hamstrung Americans. Every time you go to the gas pump and have to spend a little of your food money just to get to work, turn to these jackasses and thank them, or better yet, fire them!

Moving on to Congress who are so weak they don't have the guts to look out for the American people, representing our best interests, instead of the interests of a bunch of tree huggers who would rather see the complete extinction of the human race than see one tree cut down.

Here's how the vote in the House went down yesterday. My thanks to Glenn Beck for posting this information:
The list of Congressional Traitors

So why IS gas so darn expensive? There are a lot of reasons, but somehow the biggest problem (as usual) points directly to Washington DC. Democrats yesterday in a subcommittee voted basically to kill going to the outer continental shelf to drill for oil because there are 'other things we can do'. Glenn would like to introduce you to the people who are preventing us from drilling here at home, because, as Glenn says, these people should be famous. When the pitchforks and torches start coming out---we'd like to help clarify who was for or against us. Read the transcript.

Chair: Norman D. Dicks (WA)
James P. Moran (VA)
Maurice D. Hinchey (NY)
John W. Olver (MA)
Alan B. Mollohan (WV)
Tom Udall (NM)
Ben Chandler (KY)
Ed Pastor (AZ)
Dave Obey (WI), Ex Officio


Minority Ranking Member: Todd Tiahrt (KS)
John E. Peterson (PA)
Jo Ann Emerson (MO)
Virgil H. Goode, Jr. (VA)
Ken Calvert (CA)
Jerry Lewis (CA), Ex Officio

Here is the subcommittee website -- they voted down party lines on this...
So these are the men (the first list) who think so little of their constituents, and Americans as a whole, that they do not care that Americans are being robbed blind at the pump and it is THEIR FAULT!

From Human Events we learn a little more about the Democrat traitors in the Senate:
Just last week, the Senate attempted to pass the Boxer Climate Tax bill, a deceptive piece of legislation that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell acknowledged would raise the price of gasoline at the pump BY ANOTHER $1.40 a gallon!

McConnell summarized the economic consequences of the Boxer bill by saying:

"It is, at its heart, a stealth and giant tax on virtually every aspect of industrial and consumer life. It would result in massive job losses. And it seeks to radically alter consumer behavior, without any measurable benefit to the environment in return."

"And that's why it's so hard to comprehend the Majority's decision to move to a bill, at the start of the summer driving season, that would raise the price of gas by as much as $1.40 a gallon, home electricity bills by about 44 percent, and natural gas prices by about 20 percent.

"Overall, it's expected to result in GDP losses totaling as much as $2.9 trillion by 2050."

Who would be asked to bear that unbearable cost? The American people! And it's not peanuts... we're talking about a built-in future hit of approximately $29,000 for every single household in the United States!
But they are not alone. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are playing the futures, predicting higher and higher prices for barrels of crude oil. Their latest predictions: $200 a barrel by Christmas. Guess what happens every time they do that? The price increases on crude and the prices go up at the pumps. Guess whose raking in the dough? Oh yeah, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. So here's my suggestion, pull all your funds from those two financial institutions. If they are so willing to rob the people who are their customers then their customers need to walk away.

It's time for the American people to unite against those who are determined to cripple this nation. Really, who believes they can continue going to work when the price climbs to $13.00 a gallon, as it has been predicted to do? Who loses when that happens? You and me.

My dear friends, the situation we now face will not change until we raise our voices and shout out to the Democrats in Congress, enough is enough. We have more oil within the borders of the United States of America than all the countries we are currently being robbed by. Canada and Mexico are the only two countries who remain our friends in this matter. Every other country we purchase crude oil from: Saudi Arabia (OPEC), Venezuela and other such friendly nations toward America, is determined to rob us into ruin and destruction.

The congressman above who voted against the best interest of America must lose their jobs come November. They have betrayed us and should not continue in their offices. Spread the word far and wide, they can no longer be congressmen.

So those are the individuals, parties and organizations who are to blame for our current situation. Environmentalists, EPA, Congress, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Time to pay the piper, folks.
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