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Join Mitt Romney in a Free and Strong America

So what does a former governor and candidate for the presidency of the United States of America do until the next election? Well some just go home and get back to business. Others take a long, and richly deserved, vacation which lasts for months. Others dabble in politics. But what does Mitt Romney do? He forms a foundation called the Free and Strong America PAC and sets about saving America and making a difference:

"You left us, your children, a free and strong America. It is why we called yours the greatest generation. It is now my generation's turn. How we respond to today's challenges will define our generation. And it will determine what kind of America we will live our children, and theirs." (Mitt Romney, Faith in America, 6 December 2007)
America is at an inflection point. We can either remain the strongest nation in the world, or we can become something much less. Free and Strong America PAC, through its Honorary Chairman, Mitt Romney, supports officeholders and candidates who are dedicated to promoting public policies that will strengthen America at this critical time in our history. Working together with the American people, we will advance conservative social, fiscal, and foreign policies that are essential to our nation’s strength and freedom.

If America is to remain a leader in the world, we must be prepared to face the numerous challenges of the 21st century. Whether it’s ensuring all Americans can obtain quality health care, remaining competitive in a global economy, and providing our children with a world-class education, or confronting radical jihad and the threat of nuclear terrorism, we cannot wait to find solutions.

These problems can be tackled with innovation, determination, and a commitment to our nation’s founding principles. Free and Strong America PAC will work tirelessly to help elect candidates who share these principles and are prepared to take on the challenge of keeping America free and strong.

Together with the candidates we support, and with the help of the American people, we will ensure that this great nation remains – as it always has been – the beacon of freedom and hope of the world.

Our way forward must be rooted in the core principles that have made America strong.

• Our military superiority cannot be compromised.
• Our government must remain federalist and governing should be conducted as close to the people as possible.
• Money and resources are best used when they remain in the hands of the people. A competitive America is one where taxes are low and government is small.
• Unleashing the power of free markets is key to a vibrant economic future.
• Culture makes all the difference in determining the strength of a nation. Our American values must be protected and nurtured.
• Government should be accountable and transparent.

Our greatness as a nation depends on our willingness to hold to the principles that have guided and built our nation. It depends on the character and sacrifices of the American people. Together, we will meet our challenges and leave our children and grandchildren an America that is as strong and prosperous as the one we inherited from our parents.
Is there any wonder why I wanted this man to be the next president of the United States of America? So yes, this is a foundation I completely support. I am pleased with their efforts and will continue and promote their cause, for it is my cause too. Go Mitt!

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