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Random Thoughts About to Explode My Brain

There's so much going on right now that I decided to write a little bit about the different issues about to trigger the explosion of my brain.

Barack Obama: I really don't know where to start!? First he said,
"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," Obama said.

"That's not leadership. That's not going to happen," he added.
I sat there on my comfortable couch watching the news the other night when Barack issued this little gem. Literally, I thought my brain was going to explode right then. NOW HE WANTS TO TELL US WHAT TEMPERATURE TO KEEP OUR HOUSES AT?!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Why does anyone want to vote for this guy again?

He wants to tell us how to raise and educate our children. He wants to tell us how what we can drive. He wants to tell us how we're allowed to look at race. He wants to tell us how warm or cold we can keep our homes. He wants to tell us that if we're too poor for healthcare he'll take it out of our paychecks to make sure we get it. He wants to tell us that we don't understand the running of the government, pat us on our heads and leave all the big decisions up to him. Sheesh, the guy needs to seriously be smacked. Something loose is rattling around in his head!

Barack Obama, again: On GMA the other morning, I think it was GMA, it might have been the Today Show, Barack and Michelle were being interviewed. Barack said Michelle, his wife who has been out giving speeches, stumping and representing him, is off limits to the media. Oh, the woman who has never been proud of America in her adult life is off limits? The woman who is a radical pro-Africa anti-American activist is off limits? The woman who could possibly be our next First Lady, God forbid, is off limits? I don't think so, Barack. That's just not the way system works. You put her out there, she has to take her lumps just like everyone else. Tell her to quit making such a target of herself with her outrageous comments and maybe the press wouldn't jump on her.

Barack Obama, one more time: Is anyone else worried about Barack being friends with William Ayers, a self-proclaimed terrorist who cheered the 9/11 attacks on America?

Soldier and the Koran: Okay, it was stupid and disrespectful, agreed. An American soldier decided to use the Koran for target practice. He was disciplined and removed from Iraq. The American military issued an apology to Muslims worldwide, like it was their job to do so. And, the Muslim leaders are demanding the most severe of penalties, which is death according to them, for our soldier.
  • Our soldier didn't kidnap, terrorize and chop off anyone's head.
  • Our soldier didn't fly planes into civilian targets and kill thousands of innocent people.
  • Our soldier didn't subjugate and dominate the women he is acquainted with.
  • Our soldier didn't kill his mother or his sister because some bastard raped her.
Need I go on? If the Muslims in Iraq are getting so irate at the behavior of Americans why don't they take care of business? Kick Al Qaeda out of their country. Quit living and behaving as if they live in a world centuries past. Quit treating your women as less useful than dogs. Quit raising your children to be terrorists and suicide bombers. Quit the attempted domination of all peoples and conversion by the sword. Stop all that and we'll leave. Believe me, America wants to get the hell out of there. If you'd learn to take care of yourselves we could!

McCain Dragging His Heels: McCain needs to choose Mitt Romney as his vice-presidential running mate. We need someone who can rescue this economy without trampling on our Constitutional Rights. We need someone who can take a look at the federal government and strip the waste out of the system. Please, let that include the EPA who I directly blame for the high prices at the gas pump. We need someone with some integrity wrapped with conservative values to try to temper your liberal actions and beliefs. With Romney you can do so much. Without him, it will be more of the same of you selling this country down the river for a few political favors. Choose Romney and get busy running against Obama, the louse.

Senator Ted Kennedy: This was reported two days ago:
BOSTON -- A cancerous brain tumor caused the seizure Sen. Edward M. Kennedy suffered over the weekend, doctors said Tuesday in a grim diagnosis for one of American politics' most enduring figures.

Doctors for the Massachusetts Democrat say tests conducted after Kennedy suffered a seizure this weekend show a tumor in his left parietal lobe. Preliminary results from a biopsy of the brain identified the cause of the seizure as a malignant glioma. ~Newsmax, Doctors: Sen. Edward Kennedy Has a Brain Tumor
As much as I hate the man's ethics, politics and morals, my heart and prayers go out to his family. This is the worst news any family can receive.

Bill O'Reilly: You know, Bill O'Reilly has been dubbed a "Culture Warrior" and even named one of his books that. He has been recognized as one of the fiercest defenders of the American way of life: From Many, One, which is the meaning of "E Pluribus Unum." O'Reilly contends the American motto has changed from what made us great, From Many, One, to What About Me?

He's right. I feel as if this is the battle I am fighting every day too. . . mine encompasses every freedom our ancestors and the Founding Fathers fought for, which brings me to the next topic:

Mormon -- FLDS -- Texas: Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) are not FLDS (Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and vice versa. The FLDS broke off from the main church, the Mormons, in 1895 with major disagreements on doctrinal points. More than 100 years have passed and people are still getting confused, or choosing to remain confused, or deliberately fanning the confusion. I think there's a little of all three going on. Now with that being clear: MORMONS ARE NOT FLDS!

Let's move on to the travesty occurring in Texas where the government has swung its mighty head in the direction of a religion they disagree with. Texas is all high and mighty about 12, 13 and 14 year old girls being married and having babies. I happen to agree, it's wrong! Sick and wrong! But until last year, even six months ago, I believe, it was still legal to marry at 14 in the state of Texas. Hmmm.

Several weeks ago, Texas authorities swept on to the FLDS ranch and took all the women and children, rounded them up as if they were the Nazis rounding up the Jews, or European heads of state rounding up the Protestants or the Catholics. They traumatized those women and children beyond repair, and continue to do so, and then promptly put them in the homes and facilities run by the Baptist Church. Texas officials care not one whit for the emotional trauma they have visited upon over 400 children. They don't care they've trampled on the religious rights of over 400 people. They care not that they've violated every civil right these people have.

FLDS are not Mormon - but Mormons have been the target of violent rhetoric and action from the Baptists and others since 1820. Why would the authorities take the innocents from one church and slap them into the care of the ones who drive the confusion mentioned above. Why put them in the care of ones who are the authors of deliberate misinformation and lies? I'm stunned.

Mostly, I'm stunned because they took the women and children from their homes and left the men hanging around the ranch. Okay, who's the biggest lawbreaker here . . . the men! If Texas is so concerned for the welfare of these children that they are robbing them of their religion, their hopes, their beliefs . . . why are they leaving the perpetrators wandering around the homestead? I'm confused and enraged!

Especially this latest report where a child's sacred book of scripture was taken from him. (See story about American soldier above.) What in God's sacred name is going on? The entire freakin' American military will apologize about a Koran being shot at, but the American government and people see nothing wrong with another sacred book of scripture being taken from an American child because the caretaker, see Baptist, doesn't agree with the doctrine! And by the way, in that Book of Scripture you will see nothing that promotes polygamy, so what was the complaint?

Let me unequivocally state, I do not support young teenagers marrying and having children. I do not support polygamy. I do not support criminal behavior. Mormons are not FLDS and FLDS are not Mormons, but I see an eerie trend being set. The basic 1st Amendment rights of the FLDS are being trampled upon. The real perpetrators are not being arrested or charged. The courts are happily robbing the women and children of their basic civil rights and keeping the children confined and separated from their mothers as if they were the worst of hardened criminals. There is no cry from the public. Had this been a church of black people, just as an example, the world would have been in an uproar! I question the State of Texas' intent here and can only see evil being perpetrated upon the innocent.
  • Why are the FLDS men, the perpetrators of the aforementioned crimes, not arrested?
  • Why are the children being punished for being alive?
  • Why are the mothers of these children being kept from them?
  • Why, in God's name, hasn't the most massive class action lawsuit been filed against the State of Texas, the Texas Courts and Texas DCFS that has ever been seen?
  • Why are the attorneys of these children not fighting for their rights, and I mean pulling out the big guns and using every knowledge and quirk of American law they have to protect the rights of those children, American citizens.
  • Why hasn't Texas put them in homes that are not hostile to their religion? Who, in their right mind, would put children in the homes of people whose religion is hostile toward them? Did they even try to put them in homes of understanding people or did they just climb into bed with the Baptist Church and throw these children to the wind?
Doesn't anyone else see the dangerous precedent being set here? At what point will that mighty governmental head swing toward another religion they find unacceptable? If the courts uphold this travesty then a precedent has been set which will wreak havoc on the American people as a whole. Can no one else see that?

Oil Execs Appear Before Congress: It basically degenerated into a "He said . . . He said." Senators accusing the Oil Execs and Oil Execs pleading for the additional taxes to not be levied on them. The Senators upset the Oil Companies had actually made money (welcome to America, we are a capitalist society supporting private enterprise free of governmental interference, oh wait . . .) and the Oil Companies more concerned about the almighty dollar.

Here's a thought! Start drilling in America and STOP purchasing our oil from OPEC. That'll bring the prices down, a huge influx of cash into the American economy as well as support free enterprise. Huh, the only loser would be the American government. I like that! I directly blame the Environment Protection Agency and the Democrat controlled Congress for the high prices at the gas pumps. I guess that's why this morning's appearance before Congress was a sham. Nobody wanted to point the finger at the real perpetrators. I'm pointing. A big huge foam finger . . . right at Congress and the EPA.

America, it's time to stand up and be counted. Shout it out to Washington, D.C. Quit depending on the world for our resources, bring our money home and restore our economy. $460 billion stinkin' dollars a day! Bring it home and bring it home now!
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