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The Money Muse: Janine Bolon

I was introduced to this Janine Bolon's financial philosophy a few years ago. I attempted to implement her process, but was derailed by my husband's kidney failure, skyrocketing medical expenses, job loss, etc. But now that he's had a kidney transplant our medical expenses have dropped to almost nothing. Our jobs are more secure and we're doing much better now that every dime we make isn't going to medical expenses. Yes, we are going to celebrate as soon as Alvin is recovered from his kidney transplant. Don't know what we're going to do but it's probably going to involve a hot fudge brownie sundae at Brick Oven in Provo. I know, I'm so predictable!

Anyway, I found Janine Bolon's Blog, The Money Muse, and am so very impressed by her! Here's a snippet of one of her blogs:

Saving Money at the Grocery Store isn’t Really Saving!

by Janine Bolon

Last week I was visiting southern California and I stopped by a grocery store. As the cashier finished ringing up the sales she took the receipt out with a flourish, circled an item at the bottom and said to me, “You’ve saved $12.16 with us today!” I answered, “Yes, but I spent $25.63.” She looked at me with her smile fading and rebutted, “But you saved almost half that amount.” I thanked her for her time and took my groceries out to the car.

As I fumbled for keys, balanced milk jugs, and corralled children into car seats, I realized why I was so vexed. I didn’t save anything at that grocery store. I spent money. Not a penny was “saved.” I don’t care what the cashier has been told to say by her management. It is a lie to say I “saved” money.

No wonder so many of my clients have a hard time understanding the concept of savings and what to do with it. All around them businesses, friends and family are using the term “savings” and it has nothing to do with money that is conserved. It mostly states how much money wasn’t spent that could have been spent. This is not savings. This is spending. As I was ruminating over this latest incident my son pipes up from the back seat, “Mom, did we really save money back there?” I started laughing. A ten minute discussion ensued where I pointed out what savings meant to me versus what savings meant to the cashier. Stay with me, I know some of this is rather basic, but I figure if my children and that sweet cashier were getting conflicting messages on savings, I’m sure other people are too. This is what it means to save. -- Read More
Wow, I'd make her a regular stop every day. I'm learning so much from her and am so excited to implement her programs again, which I am doing today.

Her blog contains reviews of excellent books for learning to save, get out of debt in a timely fashion, etc. Let's all jump in together and break free of financial bondage. I am really done with that phase of my life . . . I mean really, truly done!
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