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Update on Alvin

Hi Everyone,

This isn't Candace . . . this is Tristi, so forgive me if I'm a bit vague. I just got off the phone with Candace up at the Murray hospital and she asked me to come online and give you all an update so you know how Alvin is doing. The Internet at the hospital isn't working, so she's a bit out of contact with Blogland right now.

Alvin was in surgery for 6 1/2 hours, and Candace didn't get to see him until nine o'clock on Tuesday night. When she did, however, she says she was amazed at the difference, and the changes that are still occurring even now. His eyes are bright and no longer bloodshot. His skin is returning to a normal, healthy brown - it had been turning black in some areas. His tummy is gone, thanks to the tummy tuck. The kidney started to work as soon as it was in place -- and, I hope Candace (and Alvin) don't mind a direct quote, but she says "he's peeing up a storm." His attitude is great and he's been laughing and joking, sitting up and visiting. He's in quite a bit of pain from the tummy tuck, but he's gone off the pain medications and is dealing with it.

His donor, Tara, is feeling pretty rotten. She's in pain and has been throwing up. I can't imagine throwing up with an incision like that -- must be so painful. Candace says, "She gave Alvin this incredible gift of life but now she's paying a horrible price for it." I can't help but feel that Tara's sacrifice will be rewarded a thousandfold.

Candace says they're going to be releasing Alvin either Saturday or Monday. "You will not believe the difference when you see him," she says.

Many other things happened on the way to surgery, and Candace will give you a full update when she returns. In the meantime, if anything else happens, she'll call me and I'll come break into her Blogger account again.
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