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Update on Alvin

First: My girlfriend, Danyelle over at Queen of the Clan is holding a Chick Flick contest. Pop on over there and vote. She needs more people participating and it's a painless, quick process. Go cast your vote for your favorite Chick Flick.

But most importantly - we had our last appointment today with the surgeons, transplant coordinator, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, financial coordinator . . . did I miss anyone? Oh yeah, the lab . . . and appointments with Dr. Belnap on Friday, along with chest x-rays and EKGs. But other than that we're good to go for Tuesday's surgery.

Alvin and I drove up to the appointments with Tara, Alvin's donor and truly the most generous, giving woman I have ever met. What we thought would be an hour to an hour-and-a-half trip turned into five hours. There were so many forms, and meetings, and discussions and . . . and . . . and . . . yeah, my head is spinning. But we really enjoyed the time with her. She is as delightful as she ever was. The teenager has grown into an incredible wife, mother and friend. I'm so impressed with her.

Alvin is tired but hanging in there. We're both looking forward to Tuesday, and we're both nervous as well. Lots of prayers between now and then.

My peers are holding a fast on Sunday for Alvin and Tara; and my family and friends are holding one on the 15th, the day of the surgery. People flocked to support us as we struggled with unexpected expenses and we have been able to meet those. Now if the financial coordinator would quit changing the numbers on us. I don't know, I thought I knew - but now I don't, if Alvin's anti-rejection meds will cost $200 a month or a $1,000 a month. She has me so confused it'll be a miracle if I don't have an ulcer by the time this whole process is through.

This is what I do know, regardless of what happens we are in the Lord's hands now and everything, one way or the other, will turn out okay. I have my job at and now a second job at yourLDSneighborhood -- both of which I am very excited about. Now the question will be if my entire salary goes to medication or just a portion of my salary. I figure I'm going to stop trying to figure it out because every time I settle on a number and plan for it, she changes it. Very stressful for someone who likes to plan everything as soon as possible so that any surprises are minimal, especially the monumental financial kind.

But I'm good. Alvin's good. We're taking up meditating and deep breathing . . . we figure we can stay calm that way.

Just think, at this time next week, after 6 to 8 hours of surgery, Alvin will have a new kidney. I still can't quite comprehend it.
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