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Osmonds 50th Anniversay Reunion Special

Okay, I'll admit it. I like having friends in high places. It works for me!

Last August the Osmonds held their 50th Anniversary Reunion Special in Las Vegas. Merrill worked some magic and got some tickets for a couple of girlfriends and me. We had a blast. I have to admit it. I was sick as a dog, but it was so much fun!

It was such a blast to see them all on the stage again, including Alan at the piano. He's been getting some amazing treatments in London for his multiple sclerosis and he was actually playing the piano. (You can learn more about that on his website: It's really quite fascinating and providing great hope for those suffering from the disease.

Before I ever became friends with them, their music just made me happy. That night Debb, Pam and I sat in the very back and watched Merrill, Marie and Alan, the ones I actually know, rock with their family. The fan still exists somewhere deep inside, but oh the pride I had for them as a friend. They rocked the place.

Can you believe the reactions of all those fans? Yeah, Alvin's going to croak when he sees I've pre-ordered this. No question! But that's okay. He and I are going to go see Merrill in "The Civil War" on Monday night. He'll be so impressed with that he'll be softened up and won't choke when I tell him. I will one day get Alvin to admit that The Osmond Brothers actually sing "I Can't Get Next To You" better than the Temptations. If you could only see the look on Alvin's face every time I say that!
By the way: We're still riding high on the great news. Thanks for all the weight loss tips, we're really focusing on that right now. They are insisting he lose the weight or they won't let Tara give him the kidney. 12 lousy pounds . . . that's okay, we can do it!
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