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Lest We Forget

Today I received a beautiful email from my brother which had been forwarded from all around the world, originating from an old Dutch Airman who wished to honor all those of the Allies who had fallen in wars past. American, British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealanders are who he specifically mentioned. I couldn't forward it for some reason, so decided to post it on my blog today to be shared with the world.

I add my heartfelt thanks and continual prayers that the families of these men and women are protected and cared for. This country we live in, still the greatest in the world, is under attack from those who wish to destroy us . . . and yes, I name Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at the top of that list. This war John Kerry says we lost . . . if we'd lost we'd all be wearing burkas and fathers and brothers would be killing their daughters and sisters on a regular basis. Freedom of speech would be a thing of the fondly remembered past when things weren't as bad as we thought. Free enterprise will be gone and we'll all be working for the government trying to eek out a living while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer (see USSR or Russia as she is now known.)

So, please look at these pictures and remember these soldiers, from all who defended freedom, who have paid the ultimate price for your freedom.

Remember this America we love so much, this freedom that you no longer treasure because you've never had it challenged in a way that makes you understand how precarious our situation truly is, this way of life you enjoy . . . for all the free countries in the world . . . for all those who are able to get up and go to work in a job of their choice . . . for all those who are allowed to pay for their children to go to private schools . . . for all those who began a small family business and grew it into a corporation . . for the Mom & Pop grocery store on the corner . . . for the small salon . . . for the small window cleaning business armed by a single man with a bucket and a squigee . . . for that college student who pays her way through school walking dogs . . .

None of this is possible under a communist government. Socialism is on our doorstep, and my friends, this is what our troops fight against every day. Remember them in your prayers this night and every night hereafter. And live your lives worthy of these sacrifices.

Remember what it cost.

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