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Happy Day!

We received a phonecall from the transplant team at Intermountain Medical Center today. The donor has been found. It is a wonderful woman Alvin and I have known and loved since she was teenager.

When Alvin was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago with the odd infection, Tara came to visit us, she's my visiting teacher. When she was a teenager she and a friend became very close to us. I was her Young Womens President and she was one of my Laurels. We fell in love with her husband when she brought him to us as her boyfriend. They married, he joined the military and is now in Iraq. The tremendous sacrifice and gift of life they are giving us is immeasurable. I ask at this time that you keep them in your prayers that the windows of heaven open up and pour blessings out upon them so innumerable as to overwhelm them. She is giving Alvin the gift of life and I shall forever be in her debt for giving me more years with my husband.

We are so excited we can hardly stand it. The transplant will be in April and Alvin is 8 pounds down on the 20 he has to lose. We've cut out all the pop . . . I miss my Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew but I shall persevere, for the sheer love of my husband. We're exercising and doing our best. As soon as he hits that 20 lbs. down mark they'll calendar the surgery.

Happy, happy day!
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