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Catching Up

Just a quick update.

My brain is still fried from the LDS Storymakers Writers Conference. Apparently I overloaded the brain with the teaching as well as everything I learned. Valuable two days! I'm already looking forward to next year and have started putting money aside so that I can just stay at the hotel and actually sleep in a little. Getting up at 4:00 was the for the birds!

I'm buckling down and forcing myself to write for four to six hours a day, so I'll only be blogging every other day from now on. Sorry . . .

Alvin is doing great. He and I are hitting the gym four times a week now in pursuit of those bodies we had in college. He's lost 22 pounds so far and working hard to keep it coming off so that he can get his transplant in April. I'm still praying hard that all the efforts he is making pay off and the weight comes off FAST. The transplant team is being really cranky about the excess weight. The man's lost 135 pounds, but that's okay. He only has 55 more to go and he's back to his college weight. The trick is maintaining the workout schedule without pushing him so hard that he doesn't get sick. So he stops whenever he's feeling lightheaded.

Here's the ironic part, on Thursdays and Saturdays we get up and work at 4:00 in the morning. Yes, I'm beginning to stagger with exhaustion. But we'll be skinny soon, right? Alvin will have a new kidney. Life will be better, freeing up 25 hours a week for Alvin, giving him the energy, strength and stamina to play sports again, help with the garden and the yard . . . just things he hasn't been able to do. So it's all good!

Check out the yourLDSneighborhood link to the left. What a great website! I am so excited. I'll be writing for them now. We're just working out all the kinks and then I'll begin submitting articles. It's a great place to browse, read, shop and win contests. Just by signing up on their email list you're eligible to win fabulous prizes. I don't want to go to China, but that Caribbean is lookin' good! I'm pleased to be associated with such a great company.

I am still the blog manager over at as well. I'm still blogging in their Leaders and Basic Mormon Beliefs sections. That won't change. I love writing about the gospel too much.

Huh, maybe I can afford to actually go get a pedicure again! Man, I have missed those!

Politics . . . well I was elected Precinct Chair again. I'm excited about those individuals who were elected in our precinct. I decided to start a blog for our precinct in the hopes that people will use it to keep up with everything that is happening in the political season. It is my hope it will help us to all become better informed voters. So if you live in Orem 28 Precinct, hit for your updates. I'm trying to track down the candidates and get some interviews done to post on there. If I manage, I'll post them here too.

Hang in there everyone. Dreams are worth pursuing. Life is worth living. And, family is worth fighting for, to the death.
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