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Super Tuesday Confuses Things More Than Ever

To be honest, yesterday was a disappointment. I had never imagined that such a large portion of this nation had become fence sitters. Here's what I mean.

There are Liberal Democrats and Moderate Democrats. There are Conservative Republicans and there are Moderate Republicans (which are so similar to moderate Democrats as to be indistinguishable.)

For instance, a person might say they personally don't believe in abortion, but they do believe in a woman's right to decide whether to murder that unborn child without any mortal consequences. That's sitting on the fence and really coming down on the side of abortion without firmly stating so.

As another example, a person might say they believe the Constitution of the United States of America was a divinely inspired document, that our Founding Fathers were brilliant, inspired men of integrity, with unparalleled courage and strength but support completely federal programs which erode the constitutional rights of every single American. That's sitting on the fence.

Yesterday, John McCain won a big victory in the Republican delegate race over Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday, extending his lead by capturing nearly all the delegates in California. The delegate count now stands at:

McCain: 703 delegates
Romney: 269 delegates
Huckabee: 147 delegates

There are still some numbers to come in, but that's how it breaks down.

Are Mitt Romney's presidential hopes dead? No. Is the Republican establishment trying to get us to rally around John McCain? Yes. Am I ready to do that yet? No.

Here's what Mitt has to say about the future:

Despite his loss in California, Mitt Romney tells his supporters in Boston, “We’re going to go all the way to the convention; we’re going to win this thing and we’re going to get into the White House.”

No Republican candidate holds the 2/3's delegates in order to secure the nomination. That is what any one candidate needs, 2/3 of the delegates. This will go all the way to the Republican National Convention in August.

And so, let's talk about the Republican establishment trying to force the conservative branch of the party to sell out our values and beliefs and support John McCain who has proven his willingness to lie, cheat and steal in order to secure the nomination.

If John McCain is our next president the economy will continue to spiral downward. Because he's part of the problem that created the economic climate we currently live in. If John McCain is our next president all illegal immigrants in this nation will be given amnesty and citizenship, the borders will be opened and our nation's healthcare, welfare and economy will completely crash. The Great Depression will look like Disneyland compared to what we will face in the future with a McCain presidency. Because of this policy, terrorists will pour over our borders like cockroaches and blow this nation to pieces.

This is who a larger portion of America voted for last night.

What are our options?

Well first, I am fighting to the end. As long as Mitt Romney is in this race I will fight to turn this around and help him secure the nomination at the Republican National Convention.

I am tired of politics as usual. I am tired of the lying, stealing, bribing, extortion and back door deals secured by the self-entitled, arrogant, elitest politicians and party establishments determined to destroy this nation. I am infuriated at being told I must now support John McCain in order to beat the Democrats. He's no better than they are! Yes, he was conservative at one time. He isn't now. Yes, he was an American hero at one time, he has now destroyed that status in my eyes with his obsequious, dishonest behavior and smarmy facial expressions. He is no longer the man he once was. He has sold the Republican party out and apparently a large part of the party is willing to chain themselves to the man who will bring the downfall of the American economy and our safety.

Mitt Romney can save this economy. He knows how to do it and he's done it before. Mitt Romney can keep this nation safe while hunting down and bringing to justice our enemies. Mitt Romney will make America that shining beacon on a hill once more. But will you give him the chance? You must attend your caucuses in the upcoming months. If those running to be your delegates are not Mitt Romney supporters, stand and oppose them and run yourself. And then call your delegates and make yourselves heard. But you must contact your state delegates, they are the ones who will vote at the Republican National Convention. All of you, make yourselves heard.

Obviously, this message goes to those outside of Utah. We delivered a smashing defeat to McCain in this state. We stood behind our man. Now there are those who say we voted for him because he was Mormon. That could not be further from the truth, at least in my case. Mitt Romney believes in the Conservative values that I believe in:
  • Small federal government, large states rights (the way the Founding Fathers intended.)
  • A completely repaired Washington D.C.
  • Illegal Immigration laws enforced and our borders secured.
  • A robust economy without robbing the American people.
  • A solid Commander in Chief in the War on Terror
Just to name a few. This is why he got my vote yesterday.I am not the only one to believe Mitt Romney's presidential bid is not over:

John LeBoutillier of NewsMax wrote the following today:
Despite what the pundits, talking heads, and self-annoited experts say about the Republican race, it is more muddled and more up in the air than at any time since Iowa.


Because 60 percent of the Republican Party is against John McCain.

And the more a dour Tim Russert or an arrogant Chris Mathews says that, “the Republican race is, for all intents and purposes, over,” or this one, “it is very hard to see how John McCain can be stopped,” the more agitated conservatives get.

That translates to “we lefty pundits who dominate the TV airwaves want McCain so we will just proclaim him the inevitable nominee.”

But conservative GOP voters are rebelling against McCain; yes, he gets moderate Republicans and independents who come into the GOP primaries. But the base — conservatives — are voting against McCain.

So I ask you this question: How can the Republican Party, with a huge base of conservatives, nominate a candidate who hates them and who they despise?

This is the crux of the dilemma that is ripping the GOP apart now. Ann Coulter’s "Hannity & Colmes" diatribe was more than amusing. It raised this question: Who do conservatives hate more, John McCain or Hillary Clinton?

The question, more than any answer, is instructive: The fact that we are even talking about this shows how divided we Republicans are and how unaccepting of John McCain we will be.

We feel like he is being jammed down our throat by the left, and by the same inside-the-beltway GOP establishment that has been, frankly, wrong on just about everything from amnesty to Dubai Ports World.

The two candidates opposing McCain are both having difficulty cobbling together enough support on their own to defeat McCain; they are splitting the conservative vote and enabling a moderate-to-liberal win.

And Huckabee is clearly in the tank for McCain. Yesterday’s rigged convention in West Virginia was designed to deny Mitt Romney a “Romney Wins West Virginia” headline running all day long on cable TV. While within the rules, it was a petty, ugly example of the "real McCain" at work.

As the so-called GOP front-runner he should be above that kind of thing. But it tells us he is still more afraid of Romney than he is of Huckabee. Therefore, conservatives are increasingly going to rally to Romney from here on out.

And what Romney now needs to do is simple: pick an upcoming state — a crucial one — and make it a mano-a-mano race, Romney vs. McCain, and win it!

It is time Romney beats Mccain one-on-one because if he cannot, then McCain will win the nomination by default.

But if Romney draws the line in the sand and beats McCain, then we have a new race on our hands. The conservatives will rally to Romney and McCain could still be stopped.

So, Mitt, get going and fast.

Your task is a difficult one: take on not just McCain but the entire D.C. establishment.

Let it all out . . . get angry; show some passion. Embrace the talk-radio hosts, as they represent the GOP base.

Take on McCain and squash him, and soon, maybe in Ohio.

Make the economy the issue.

Do us all a favor.

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Mitt Romney can't do it alone. John McCain and Mike Huckabee have joined forces to defeat Romney because neither can do it alone. It's time to tell them their underhanded tactics will not work. McCain doesn't want Romney to win because he wants to. Huckabee doesn't want Romney to win because he's a Mormon.

It was in West Virginia when it all started yesterday morning. West Virginia doesn't hold a primary, but holds it's statewide Republican convention instead. At first vote yesterday morning Mitt Romney came out the clear winner but did not hold the 2/3rds majority vote required. The second vote went forward, Romney was still in the lead. Ron Paul had been eliminated as the lowest vote getter. McCain headquarters called its supporters at the convention and told them to throw their support behind Huckabee in order to defeat Romney. That's what happened at the conclusion of the third vote. Let me translate, (We can't win the nomination unless Romney is defeated. We can't do that by ourselves so let's get together and defeat him.) So that's what happened. Yes, I'm sure Huckabee is bucking to be the Vice-President. Those two bitter enemies sure climbed in bed together in a hurry!

This is politics as usual, in case you're wondering. It also resulted in Huckabee winning the south, something I'm sure McCain wasn't planning on.

I recall one Utah state convention where we held over 15 votes trying to whittle the gubernatorial field down. We were not successful and had to go to a primary. I can assure, if anyone had called me and suggested collusion of the nature that went on in West Virginia I would have told them to go to hell.

I represent the people of my precinct, plain and simple. I vote as they would have me vote. I research the candidates, I answer my precinct's questions on each candidate and give them sources to research themselves and I vote accordingly. My vote, nor my sense of honor, are not for sale . . . for anybody, especially John McCain. If no one in the precinct calls me, I vote my conscience.

So, my efforts and vote still reside with Mitt Romney. Last night he said, "We will keep America the hope of the earth and we'll do it together."

McCain can still be stopped. But apathy must cease. We must spread the knowledge far and wide. Romney can still win for there are many states left to go. But he cannot do it alone. I, for one, am terrified to face a McCain, Clinton or Obama presidency and will do all I can, (legally, morally and ethically) to see that we never do. Join me. The conservatives of this nation must rise up and let the left and the GOP establishment, as well as McCain and Huckabee, know that they are not acceptable as our representatives. Let our voices be heard loud and long at the polls, in letters to the editors of your local papers, on your blogs, in your emails . . . spread the word across the nation . . . we will hold true to the Constitution formed under George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, John Madison, Benjamin Franklin and others. Vote for Mitt Romney, it's time to send the McCaine's of the world back to their homes with the understanding that lying to us, cheating us and robbing us will not be rewarded with the Presidency of the United States of America.

I stand with Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Anne Coulter, Lars Larsen, Laura Inghram and other principled conservatives behind Mitt Romney. He is the man for the job. And our job is not yet done.
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