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May I Vent?

Okay, I'm reading a lot of books right now. So many that titles and plots are jumbling together in my head, my dreams are beyond bizarre and my waking hours are spent with fragments of so many plots that I don't dare write a thing myself right now! Historicals, Suspense, Fantasy, Modern it's all one big jumble. Yes, I am keeping notes as I finish each one so that I know my thoughts as I finished it.

Can I tell you my major gripe? I HATE FIRST PERSON! Really, I do. One of the first litmus tests of any book I buy is: Is it written in third person? If not, I don't want it. First person is just too limiting, especially to the reader. Especially as a reader I feel completely robbed when something is written in first person. As an author I find it far too limiting to stick within the mind, eyesight and knowledge of one character. How phenomenally one dimensional!

Let's take Stephenie Meyer for example. She is the writer of the famous vampire series: Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. All those books are in first person. They're good stories. I liked them, but I had to force myself to read through them because I was trapped in the mind of an egocentric, neurotic teenage girl with an unhealthy fascination for the undead. Not something I completely relate with. Again, the story was good, but it was told from the eyes and mind of the teenage girl. It was her thoughts and hers alone that we were privy to. We didn't get to really know Edward because, well, because Stephenie chose to only let us into the mind of Bella. Truly, seriously felt robbed at the end of each book.

Now, Stephenie, in all her wisdom, is releasing Book 1 over again, except it's from Edward's viewpoint. What a scam! But that's beside the point.

People, if you aspire to be a writer I beg of you, please, please, please . . . learn all about Third Person Omniscient. It's a liberating way to write that allows the reader to dive into a three dimensional world rich with texture, color and scent. When you write in first person, you rob your reader of that world that you've created and that is a cryin' shame.

So there are my two cents. Back to reading.
May I Vent? May I Vent? Reviewed by Candace Salima on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 Rating: 5