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Tomorrow is the Day!

Spread the word far and wide everyone, I will be posting the six finalists for Best Husband in the World contest tomorrow, Monday ∙ December 10, 2007. They were chosen by committee, but the winner will be decided by you. You are welcome to leave as many comments as you'd like, but your vote will only count if you check the poll to the right and vote for your top three candidates. Tomorrow - not today!

I will include a link to each of the finalists here as well, tomorrow, but you can just scroll down and read about these wonderful men, one by one. I knew there were incredible men out there, again, tomorrow. Every single wife who nominated her husband has someone truly special in her life. I wish I could announce a collective winner, because we were that impressed. But only one can win, and there will be two honorable mentions.

So read and then vote, vote, vote! Also, please spread the word far and wide --- I'd like to see these incredible men gain the recognition they are due for being a cut above the average.

The Grand Prize is still in flux --- but I will have it ready by the time the winner is announced on December 15th!
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