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Best Husband Finalist: Donald Hush

Donald Hush:
Nominated by Brenda Hush

My husband, to others, is not the best looking man, due to his love to "rough it", but he is the most giving man I have ever met.

He came into my life 3 years after a divorce. He wanted to be a part of my life and gave up all his vices that frightened me due to previous relationships and accepted my 3 children as though they were his naturally.

He did this with knowledge that my daughter had Downs Syndrome and later learned my son had ADAHD to deal with and Diabetes. He is the first they usually call for help and know he will come through.

He stepped up to the role of "Dad" easily without regard to the fact he was dealing with the anger and confusion of abuse from their biological father.

He stood by me through every fear and bout of anger we had to go through to get my children through to adulthood.This included him being told many times "you're not my dad" during the rough times.

Next year we will have to deal with the prison release of a sexual predator, he will be beside me in my efforts to protect my children. Not batting an eye.

If I say I need..... he does not hesitate to ask "how soon"? He will sacrifice his needs to give me my desires. I truly believe it is because he is trying to erase all the things I have been through in life as if it were his job to do. I know Our Heavenly Father will carry him home with Ten Thousand Angels when it is his time.

When I left him for one year out of stress of life's ways, he patiently waited for me to come to my senses. He is my calming factor. Even through his massive heart attack which rendered him dead for 30 minutes he pulled through to be the one who calms me when I worry about his health.

I sit in awe and wonder how many men would get the training needed to care for their step daughter to assure she gets the proper care she deserves,( even drives her to & from work everyday when we learned she was molested on a bus), or how many men would get the medical training needed to care for his stepson without saying ENOUGH.

He reminds me of the Energizer Bunny of Love for his family. 3 of 4 of his own children were "bought" to stay away from him which would hurt any parent yet he waits patiently for them to change their hearts while caring for his step children as though they are from him. Than God he has closeness with his eldest daughter. She thinks for herself.

I sometimes think I haven't earned so much love, but I am so blessed he sees things differently than I do.

I know if I need love and support I will get it at home with him and will never get silly enough to think I can do things on my own without him and God ever again.

The friendships this man has with people has put me in awe as well. We have crossed 6 states to vacation and still run into his friends. His boss even considers him family. When he had his heart attack the doctor had to find a large conference room to fill us in on his surgery in private due to the enormity of people there to see him through it.

In the 17 years of our marriage we have only been on one vacation,(our 15th. Anniversary), without our handicapped daughter because he knows I cannot bear to go without her.

He deserves a combo award in my view: "Best Dad, Husband & Man of a Lifetime".

He is what I want to be when I grow up!...... LOL. I could fill 3 books with what he has sacrificed to give us and I know I will never pay him back for the life he has given us.

Thank You Don from the bottom of my heart, as I know there is no bottom to yours.
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