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Have any of you ever been in a discussion with someone so convinced they are smarter than you, more educated than you, even better than you? See, I just finished an email conversation with someone like that. Yeah, I was ready to scream! I don't really understand people like that. They know stuff I don't know and I know stuff they don't know. They are better at some things and I am better at others. That is one of the key principles of life that I think every single blessed person on the planet needs to understand.

We're all the best at something.

Maybe your gift or talent is that of listening. Do you know how powerful that is? Being listened to and actually heard, is an astounding feeling that will most often resolve the problem before you're even finished explaining it. That's because you really listened. That' s huge!

Maybe your gift is football. It's an amazing experience to be on the football field, part of a team of 11 who, with their collaborative effort, can bring a win to the home crowd. Yes, I'm still all giddy about BYU beating the U last week . . . will be for awhile. Get used to it.

Maybe your gift is writing. The power of the written word is beyond explanation. To me, and yes, I am a writer, a well written turn of phrase, sentence or paragraph will literally stop me in my tracks and I appreciate and ponder the beauty of those words. I love the written word, and those who have mastered it are those I wish to emulate.

Maybe your gift is teaching. Being able to help another understand a key principle is huge. The ability to teach and truly connect with each student is a gift to be greatly prized.

Maybe your gift is charity. Now how huge is that one? The ability to love others with a Christlike love and act upon it . . . oh yeah, that's huge.

A PhD doesn't make you any smarter or better, it gives you letters after your name and hopefully some skill and education in the chosen field. It doesn't make you better than anyone else.

I know lots of people who can do lots of things, some well, some amazingly well and some absolutely stupendous! Know what? I value every one of you for everything you do . . . because one of the best things my friends in Blogland do . . . is make me smile!

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