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Shopping:'s Wishlist

Christmas is coming. Yeah, it's my favorite time of year and not just because of the gifts. I absolutely adore the deeper meaning of Christmas. The Savior is my light and my world and celebrating His birth is my absolutely favorite thing to do.

But let's face facts, buying gifts for people is so much fun. But what is even more fun is knowing you're buying something they want. Alvin and I bought a birthday gift for our adorable little niece, Skye, who was turning four. We wandered through Wal-Mart and took a risk and bought a fairy princess outfit for her. The look of utter delight and swift intake of breath -- it was worth every moment spent wandering, debating and finally choosing and hoping she would like it. We lucked out, she did.

Did you know has a Wish List widget? Oh yeah, I have a wish list on That's how my husband knows exactly what I want for my birthday, anniversary and Christmas but he can choose from dozens of items so I have no idea what's coming. I add to the thing all the time. If you'll look down the right-hand side of my blogspot, you'll find mine there.

If you want one too, just click on Get Widget at the base of mine and you can have your own too. That way, everyone wanting to shop for you can simply drop by your blog and get something you really want. Convenient for one and all.

Happy Christmas Shopping!
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