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Recipe: Mama Micki's Chili

One of my favorite dinners when I was little was Mom's homemade chili beans and flapjacks (or frybread as others like to call it.)

I swear, the very best way to eat this chili is up in the mountains, a cool fall evening and the scent of pine trees in the air.

This is the most delicious chili in the world. I kid you not!

So if you live in the city, get a pine scented candle, mix up some killer chili beans and treat your family to a little bit of my childhood memories.

Each of my mother's children has taken this recipe and carried the tradition onward, as my mother did with the recipe from her mother.

Mama Micki's Chili

Soak 4½ pounds of Pinto Beans in water, overnight.

Rinse beans and fill pan with water again.

Put in on the stove on low to medium and let it cook until beans are tender. (This will take two or three hours, depending.) Once the beans are tender, add ingredients and seasonings as follows:

5 lbs. of Browned Hamburger
3 oz. Gebhardt’s Chili Powder (The brand really does make a difference.)
1 t. Sweet Basil
½ t. Cumin
1 T. Oregano
1 to 3 Hunts Tomato Sauce (8 oz. Cans (Again, the brand really does make a difference.))
1 can Peeled Tomatoes
3 Cloves Garlic
1 Medium Onion
Salt to taste.
Pepper to taste.

Simmer for several hours, stirring intermittently. With a couple hours of cooking to go, season to taste. If you want it a little hotter, add more chili powder and pepper. Top each bowl or cup of chili with delicious shredded cheddar cheese. Serve with hot homemade bread, scones or cornbread.

Check back next Monday for a screamin' homemade bread recipe that you can mix up right in your breadmaker. It's a wonderful addition to this chili.

To make flapjacks, take the bread dough I'll be giving you a recipe for next week and pinch off medium size balls of dough. Flatten and pull them into flat round pieces of dough and fry in hot oil, both sides. Then it's great for dipping in the chili beans.

By the way . . . great for breakfast! Scrambled eggs topped with chili and cheese.

You can’t go wrong there.

Happy Eating. everyone.

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