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From Alvin's Hospital Room

Alvin is still in the hospital and so this post is going to center around that, kind of. They are having trouble regulating his calcium levels so my poor sweet husband who is feeling pretty darn good otherwise, keepings plotting ways to break out. He's so funny and upbeat during this time. Every single day I am reminded why I fell in love with this man and married him.

But let's talk about being trapped in a hospital room for days. Has anyone ever noticed that when your loved one is hooked up to have every vital constantly monitored the slightest will set that damn alarm off? Have you also noticed that the nursing staff rarely, if ever, pays attention to those alarms. Which of course causes one to wonder: "What's the purpose of the stupid alarms anyway."

After a while it's like you've got a fiendish little troll wielding a miniature jack hammer pounding away at your head until you're ready to scream? I think, when we're done with the hospital stay I'm going to start a movement. Yeah, you guessed it. Get those stupid alarms out of the patient rooms and going full blast at the nurses station ONLY. I figure if they're going to ignore them anyway, why disturb the patient and why drive their loved ones around the bend, feverishly plotting the extreme and satisfying demise of said alarms.

All that aside, it's game day. The hospital doesn't get the Mountain. We FINALLY got that stupid, stinkin' channel at home and now we're in the hospital. (By the way, if anybody is like me and will not switch to Comcast out of general principle for their underhanded and unfair business practices, MStar is your answer. We installed MStar at our house and we now have The Mountain, CSTV and Versus . . . all from the same provider. But I digress.

I hunted up fresh batteries and the portable radio/CD player I bought for Alvin the LAST time he was in the hospital, or maybe it was the time before that. But anyway, it's lavender, which gives me the serious giggles. (At the it was a choice of pink or lavender, Alvin thanked me for buying the lavender." So I sat down in the chair next to Alvin's bed and starting trying to get KSL on our little lavender radio. I moved the dial, twisted the antenna all around, stood on one foot with the radio up in the air . . . okay, that's an exaggeration. But I was doing all kinds of stretching and balancing trying to get that stupid signal.

Fortunately, a dear friend let me borrow his laptop with wireless capabilities so that I keep doing my job from Alvin's hospital room. Took me a few minutes of fighting with that stupid radio and receiving no signal to remember that I had the laptop and could stream the game through the laptop.

So here are. I bought Alvin a pastrami burger and fries (the hospital didn't have the hot dog with onions, mustard, ketchup and relish that he wanted,) found the KSL stream and here we are. Alvin made it through the first fifteen twenty minutes before passing out. He's sound asleep, I'm blogging and listening to the game at the same time.

You gotta love technology. We're 7 zip and about to score again. And YEAH! Manase Tonga just scored! WooooooHooooooo!

Anyway, I've got to get back blogging over at Here's what I wrote yesterday, I've just been editing today. So while I listen to the game I'll try to write a few posts for today.

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There is Always Hope
Rise Up, O Men of God
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