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Marie Through the Weeks of Dancing

Week 1

When Marie and I talked about whether she do this show or not, I encouraged her do it. It really is one of my favorite shows and I was so happy to see her up there -- and doing well! And to get Jonathan as her partner! Oh yeah, Marie lucked out there.

Week 2

Getting better every week!

Week 3

Wow! Go Marie!

Week 4

Go Marie! You looked ravishing, ethereal and beautiful. Quite a triple threat!

Week 5

I was worried when Marie fainted. But she seems to be doing well. Please keep her in your prayers. I'm so proud of you, Marie. Keep it goin' girl! You're a rock star!

I'm headed off to Idaho for the day. Will return this evening, but won't have time to write new blogs for until late tonight. Thought I'd share, in case you didn't get to read them yesterday.

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