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Marie is Fine

As everyone saw on Monday night, Marie passed out as she was awaiting the comments from the Dancing With the Stars judges. Then, of course, it was played over and over on every station. Just to let everyone know, she's doing fine.

I've faithfully watched the show every week to support my dear friend. I've been so pleased at the level of skill she is gaining on a weekly basis. I couldn't be prouder of her. I've loved watching her dance and excel at something she is working so hard at.

According to Reuters:
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Marie Osmond, a member of the singing Osmond family, was "feeling fine" on Tuesday after fainting the night before during an appearance on the ABC television show "Dancing with the Stars," her spokeswoman said.
I haven't spoken with her but know she's doing great. Knowing her as I do, I'm certain she has driven herself beyond her capabilities and is burning strictly on energy. It's just the way she is . . . a fierce competitor, allowing nothing to stand in the way of the prize. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best for her.

My other favorite on the show is Jane Seymour. Wow, she is grace and elegance personified. I absolutely love watching her dance. I fear the winner of the show will be the Cheetah Girl, Sabrina. I can't say I care much for her, there's just something about her that rubs me the wrong way. But even I have to admit the girl can dance. Another celebrity I'm pulling for is Jenny Garth - I love the routines Derek's been coming up with and Jenny just sparkles.

Thats the thing that amazes me, week after week, is the originality of every routine the professional dancers come up with. To choreograph something different is quite astounding in its level of difficulty and beauty. Then to have to teach it to celebrities who haven't spent a lifetime mastering ballroom skills . . . I admit it, I love this show.

I'm headed back to bed because I've got a terrible cold. In the meantime, keep tuning in to Dancing with the Stars and voting for my friend . . .

Have a great day!
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