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Date Night

Alvin has been wanting to see the Transformers Movie since he heard it was being made. Life's been a little crazy so we didn't get a chance to go see it until last night.

We dropped by our favorite dollar theater, Festival Cinemas, for date night. They were showing Transformers, Hairspray (which we saw earlier in the week), Ratatouille and Harry Potter. I'll admit it, I wasn't terribly anxious to watch Transformers. I love my husband, so there we were.

I liked it. I mean, I really, really liked it. I thought the dialog was good, the action swift, the pacing well done . . . I really liked it.

A Decepticon (that would be a bad guy) attacks a U.S. base located in Qatar, only five men survive to work their way back to the U.S. The Decepticon was after top secret data, why?

Another Decepticon (an icky little one) breaks into Air Force One again to access top secret data. Why?

We are then introduced to Sam Witwicky right at the beginning as he is attempting to hock his great-grandfather's belongings from an expedition to the Arctic Circle where he discovered Megatron, the head of the bad guy transformers, buried deep in the ice. The fun part, he's doing this during a school presentation. This sets the tone for the movie. Comedic moments interspersed with heart pounding action, it is the Transformers, after all.

Sam buys a car, and that car comes alive as Bumblebee. This car allows him to offer the girl he's always liked a ride home. He is introduced to the Optimus Prime and the others (my husband explained them all to me as the movie went along) and the chaos begins. A power source must be located and destroyed or all mankind is lost.

Directed by Michael Bay with executive producer, Steven Spielburg, could it be anything but good? I loved the movie. This one is going in our movie library. There was only one more thing I wanted in this movie.

Off and on, at the beginning of the movie our young hero, Sam, has trouble with a jock at school. After saving the world, I would have loved to see one more confrontation between those two, at school. Alvin and I both wanted that. But alas, it never came. Probably ended up on the editing room cutting floor . . . mistake!

Drop by Festival Cinemas. Great snacks, good movies, family atmosphere! Loving the place.

Date Night Date Night Reviewed by Candace Salima on Saturday, October 06, 2007 Rating: 5