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Back Again

Things have been insane crazy at my house over the last few days. I think it's one of the first times since I started blogging since I didn't post every day. Good thing the last post was hysterical - I still go into a fit of giggles every time I see the picture of the cat and dog. Oh, the dog.

I needed the picture of a cool mountain river bubbling over the rocks as it travels its way through the mountains. Ooooohhhhhhmmmmmm.

My mom and little sister arrived from Colorado on Tuesday and I drove them to Dr. Kofford's office, in American Fork, for some N.A.E.T. on their allergies. Mom was treated for her grain allergy and Cheryl was treated for eggs. The thing about avoiding all forms of these two things, and working around their other allergies and Alvin's kidney diet, it makes cooking meals very, very interesting. On Tuesday night I ended up making three different meals, and then adding a little to my own. Same with breakfast Wednesday morning. Kinda sad when your mom has to have chicken, vegetables and pineapple for breakfast, but she enjoyed it. This morning . . . granola (she loves granola). Because Mom is no longer allergy to grains, specifically wheat.

Around noon on Wednesday, Tristi and I headed down to Monroe, Utah to speak to a book group of senior citizens called the Literals. Our directions to the place were a little sparse so we were late while we drove around trying to find the building. But we finally arrived and we each spoke on different aspects of literacy and then opened the floor to questions.

Everything was going along swimmingly until someone asked what we thought about the public school system. I kept it to a minimum and simply said that I thought the blame for lack in educational skills could be spread around pretty evenly. On the other hand, Tristi, our resident home schooler, got up and shot some hard basic facts at the group. Most agreed, but we had some retired school teachers in the room who took serious offense. I tried to point out the length of time which had elapsed since those ladies had taught and what was being taught in the school rooms today, but it was to no avail. You ain't seen nothin' until you've seen a 80+ year old grandmother, who can't hear, can barely see and walk, take serious offense.

All in all, it was an interesting event. Then Tristi and I dropped by Ideal Dairy in Richfield before we headed home. Heavenly shakes -- which by the way, were courtesy of Mary Joy Litjke from the Literals group. I gotta say, those sandwiches are HUGE! It was a difficult task to eat and drive at the same time, so I gave up. But it was delicious.

We raced home and I dropped Tristi at her house before heading back to mine. I walked in to my sweet nephews here for their weekly dinner at our house. My mom and Cheryl having just returned from another treatment from Dr. Kofford. Dinner on the table, so to speak, thanks to my sweetheart. It was a lovely evening.

Once everyone went to bed, I was at the computer fulfilling my duties as the Blog Manager over at Didn't get a single blog written yesterday - can't imagine why.

I'm going to miss my mom when she goes home today. She's still trying to find some equilibrium since my father passed away, but we had an enjoyable time talking and visiting. She and Cheryl go home today, I'm going to miss them lots. Gosh, I love and adore my family!

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