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Kicking the Mountain Dew Addiction

I never thought I would type or say those words, not in a million years. But in February of 2006 Alvin was admitted to the hospital. Over the next six weeks my sweet husband underwent so many medical procedures to save his life. It was touch and go so many times that I feared falling asleep or going home. Every time I did, he crashed. Two weeks into this hospital stay is when I went down to the vending machine and purchased my first Mountain Dew. When I say first, I mean that I'd had one on occasion when driving on long trips, but at this point, I hadn't had a soda pop in ten years. But I needed something to keep awake and Mountain Dew did the trick.

By the end of the six weeks I was downing six to eight a day just to stay awake, just to keep moving forward. Time went on and Alvin recovered and life resumed in a normal fashion . . . kind of. The end result is the situation I find myself in now.

Now I need it to get through every day. There are no more emergencies. Nobody dying. Nobody needing surgery. Nobody needing constant care and attention. And I'm still drinking Mountain Dew every single day.

I'm not stupid, I know how bad pop is for me, not to mention caffeine.

Carbonation leaches the caclium from your bones.

High fructose corn syrup (which is in every blessed thing by the way) is linked to obesity (especially in the belly), diabetes type 2, Parkinsons and more

Caffeine overuse includes side effects such as: dizziness, tachycardia, blurred vision, drowsiness, dry mouth, flushed dry skin, diuresis, loss of appetite, dehydration . . . do I need to say anymore?

And yet, here I am in all my stupidity, trying to kick an addiction. While I like to think I wake up looking like this every day . . . okay, obviously I'm delusional (do you think I can blame that on the caffeine too?) I don't look like Cindy Crawford, I just wish I did. She probably drinks coffee every day too and still looks like that! Really, nobody wakes up looking like that in the morning!

Nevertheless, I digress. I'm more like this guy come mid-morning. Trade the coffee out for Mountain Dew and that would be me.

So I made a pact with my girlfriend, we were kicking the caffeine habit. She did. I didn't. I fell off the wagon.

I decided to give myself a little accountability. So I'm writing about this today. I am now 48 hours, and counting every agonizing, excruciating second, without caffeine.

Over on the righthand column you'll find a section dedicated to the kicking of this habit. I just wish Mountain Dew didn't taste so dang good! But I am relegated to water and milk, which I love! Wish me well.

And last, but certainly not least --- BYU faces Air Force today as is the lone team standing between them and an undefeated season. GO COUGARS! Don't forget to cheer for our boys. This is a must win.
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