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Festival Cinemas Petition to Comcast

My young friend, Jeremy, has created an online petition to address the situation between Festival Cinemas and Comcast. Please read, sign and then call Comcast (801-234-6500) and register a complaint.

Petition to Comcast

Comcast has received a black eye over their little deal the MTN, which robbed huge numbers of Cougar fans from seeing their team play. They've demanded astronomical prices from everyone. Comcast is insisting on charging the Festival Cinemas Dollar theater $15,000 DOLLARS! Therefore making it uneconomical for anyone, especially a Dollar theater to show the games. Well now they've got two black eyes and their black hearts have been revealed.

We the Fans of BYU are Signing this to complain about this astronomical charge to this dollar theater, Festival Cinemas, to show the games. We demand they lay those lines as a sign of good will to this community and work with Festival Cinemas to continue providing such a wonderful thing.


The Undersigned
Click here to sign.
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