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A Day in Idaho

So I'm back, earlier than I expected. I headed up to Rigby, Idaho on Thursday, thinking I would be the lone person helping my friend move into her new house. Schedules were such that it sounded to me like she was going to be alone. So I hopped in my truck and drove northward.

The hills were much more vibrant than this, but you get the idea. It was a gorgeous drive. As I drove higher and higher peace invaded my spirit and my body began to relax. By the time I arrived at my friend's house I was still in pain (I injured my back earlier) but quite content. When I arrived, her husband, children, one child's spouse and the elders quorum were all working madly to get the truck unloaded. So I pretty much stayed out of the way and just gave Linda the moral support she needed. I was the queen of carrying blankets and single items.

By nightfall, the truck was completely unpacked and the elders quorum was gone. We piled in the cars and headed over to Bambino, a pizza place everyone recommended. Sadly, they were done seating people for the night (it was 8:30) and we were left with having to take pizza back to the house. Pretty sure I'll never be going back there. Customer service not really high on their list of priorities.

Did I mention that the house was inundated with spiders? Have I mentioned how much I HATE SPIDERS! Ugh. Sweet little Sariah (13 years old and a phenomenal artist) killed bugs and vacuumed her room within an inch of its life so that I could sleep in a bug free room for the night. Never underestimate the power of a writer's imagination in a situation like that. It was a long, long night. Come morning, I had two girls and a dog sitting on my bad chattering away while I smiled and stared blearily around me looking for the bugs that had been scattered throughout my dreams.

After awhile, I gave everyone tasks and sent them on their way. Now the day gets better, for me anyway. We decided to hit IHOP in Idaho Falls for breakfast.

I have a big brother, Jay, who lives in Idaho Falls. He's really smart. He's an expert on terrorism. He's my oldest brother. I love him. I called him for directions and I followed them to a "T." Sariah and I ended up in the foothills on a gravel road. The drive had been interspersed with numerous phone calls to my infallible big brother and I heard, "trust me, Candace. You're on the right road." Note to self: Ammon Road is NOT the right road. Hitt Road IS the right road." Finally, Jay decided to come retrieve the two of us when he realized he forgot to tell us to turn. He told me to stay put. I didn't. The next phone call was "You didn't stay put! You just shot past me!" I told him to turn around and come find me. He did.

Here's what I found on my meanderings around the back road, excuse me, wrong road, to IHOP in Idaho Falls. Lots and lots and lots of weeping willow trees. A new furniture yard sale (wishing I had more money for that. Called my friend and told her to come because when they moved from North Dakota they didn't bring a couch, table or chairs. She was waiting at IHOP and didn't want to leave.)

Then Sariah asked me what something was. It as a road sign full of holes. I shrugged and it somebody had shot it multiple times. The look on her face was priceless. I told her it was bored farm boys and there was no danger. I don't think she believed me.

I saw horses and cows and dogs and lots and lots and lots of farm land. Yes, I was calling my brother every five minutes. "Jay, this really doesn't look like Idaho Falls."

Anyway, we finally made it to IHOP and had a wonderful breakfast. I was able to spend some quality time with my brother, my friend and her family. Then everyone went their separate ways and I headed up to Rexburg to have lunch with our missionary son (translation: young man who served in a mission in Orem and we became so close to it was as if he were our son) at Craigos. Can you say PIZZA BOMB! Loved it! It was delicious and it was great to spend that time with Arthur.

This is a picture of him while he was on his mission. He really likes nice cars. Bet you couldn't guess. I really love that young man, as does Alvin. He's a phenomenal person and makes me long for daughters. And yes, ladies, if you have adorable, sweet daughters, he's free.

After lunch he showed me around BYU-Idaho. Sheesh, that campus has really changed. It's still as beautiful as ever, but there wasn't much that was familiar. I picked up at BYU-Idaho zip up hoodie and then we headed over to Arthur's apartment to pick up his roommates and it was back to Rigby.

Arthur and his roommates help Linda organize her food storage room and they did it in no time at all. My back and I were VERY, VERY, VERY grateful.

By 4:00 p.m. I was back on the road and on my way home. And I'm very glad to be home and looking forward to BYU and my boys kicking some Lobo butt! Go Cougars!

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