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BYU Cougars Rock!

Have I mentioned that today is my husband's birthday? And for this, his brother, and Harvey Unga's father (Jackson) one of his dearest friends called and we headed on over to the BYU Cougar practice field.

We are so excited for the 2007 football season. We have no less than four nephews playing on the team this year. Yes, we are very excited! This has been an added measure to our devotion as Cougar fans.

We watched the players practice and scrimmage and my sweetheart pointed out each nephew. Sete Aulai (Starting Center), Harvey Unga (Starting Running Back), Tyle Kozlowski (Wide Receiver) and Eathyn Manumaleuna (D Line). He was so excited to see each young man as they ran their plays. I have to admit, I was too. We were very proud of each one of them.

Harvey and Sete came on over to talk to us for a few minutes and Alvin snapped a picture of them with me.

They are such good young men, and I especially liked how much thinner I looked between the two. Hey, let's face it. I'm a woman, we think of things like that. If you want to know why I'm thinking of something like that at a time like this, take a look at Anne Bradshaw's blog on the LDSBA Whitney Awards. You'll see what I'm talking about.

Harvey is really proving himself in practice after practice, scoring at least two touchdowns in each scrimmage.

Sete has been puttin' the hurt on so many people as the center, that my husband was offering a lot of chuckles and "Owwws" with each play.

I popped on over to Google and typed in the boys names so I could grab a few pictures.

Last year, when John Beck connected with Johnny Harline in the final second of the BYU/U of U game for the touchdown and win, Sete was captured on the sidelines in complete disbelief as yet another Cougar miracle was pulled off. My nephew is one tough son-of-a-gun, so the raw emotion on his face speaks for itself.

An absolutely incredible moment in Cougar Football history.

Moving on to Harvey, whose last year was a redshirt year. He broke out in March practice and hasn't looked back. He's proven himself over and over, and he and Fui Vakapuna will be jockeying back and forth, assuming Fui's ankle completely heals. But as of now, Harvey is down as the starting running back.

I couldn't help but post this blog today because I am so proud of all these boys. Hopefully we'll see something of Tyler and Eathan as well this year.

Anyway, to my beloved sweetheart, Alvin, I wish the most beautiful of birthdays. You are my heart, my soul and you make my life worth living. Thank you for the being the man you are. True to your priesthood, your covenants, your values and your beliefs. You are a man above all men. I love you!

Happy Birthday!


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