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I've been Tagged by Rebecca Talley and Tristi Pinkston!

Okay, here's the crazy thing. I just created my blogspot yesterday and I've already been tagged by Tristi Pinkston. Wow! Word sure spreads quickly! So, I'm supposed to answer all these questions - tell me, why am I not in bed yet?

What were you doing ten years ago: Ten years ago, let's see, that would be 1997 -- I can't remember. I would have been married to my college sweetheart for two years. His little brother, who lived us for the first year of our marriage, had moved on to another brother. Oh wait! I remember. 1997 was the year I was laid off from Novell (which I campaigned very hard for) and I began studying under Paul Gray, one of the best story structurists in Hollywood. That began a year where almost everything I learned in college was chucked out the window and a whole new way of writing screenplays was introduced to me. Whew -- one down and how many to go?

What were you doing one year ago: Geez, what's with the questions and having to remember where I was ten years ago or one year ago. A better question, what was I doing yesterday?

Five snacks you enjoy: home-made chocolate chip cookies, Colorado popcorn, tortilla chips/salsa/guacamole (craved that one with every pregnancy), baby carrots and peanuts. Do I have to stop at five?

Five songs you know all the lyrics to: That would be none. I am the queen of taking first, second and third verses and merging them together for my very own version of every song I know. Although, I can safely say I know "Popcorn Popping," and "I Am a Child of God" and those are the only two I can claim to knowing completely.

Things you would do if you were a millionaire: Invest half of whatever the IRS doesn't steal with their grubby little hands, pay off my mother's farm and debts and then pay her a monthly stipend, pay off our debts, build our food storage back up and better prepare for any disasters coming down the line. This is one thing I cannot joke about as money is tight in the family right now.

Five bad habits: Eating too much junk food when I know how bad it is for me, not exercising like I used to, procrastinating cleaning my house (I really, really hate to clean but love a spotless house, what a conundrum!) And quickly abandoning work to go play (I really do that, I've had to exercise more control as of late) and last, but certainly not least, I must, WITHOUT QUESTION, kick my Mountain Dew habit. Ugh!

Five things you like to do: Write, read, snuggle with my husband, snuggle with my nephews and nieces, and visit with good friends and family. Oh heck, I'll add one more. I love to study the gospel too.

Things you'll never wear again: A swimsuit, bell-bottoms, peasant shirts, really --- anything from the 70's! Man, it was ugly the first time around - I don't know why we're repeating it. Oh, and Rebecca's right, blue eye shadow, but I really miss my big hair!

Five Favorite toys: Uh, uh, uh . . . hmmmm. I have no idea. Does Quiddler count? That's the best game known to mankind for anyone who doesn't know what Quiddler is.

Where will you be in ten years? Owner of a publishing house, movie studio and record label. Debt free and still living frugally. I will have more books published (other than the five I have right now) and movies produced on the screen and in everyone's DVD library. Nah, I don't want much.

Five people to tag: Anne Bradshaw, Jeffrey Savage, Willard Boyd Gardner, Annette Lyon and James Dashner.

That's it for me tonight -- tomorrow I'll tell you about the book signing I did tonight and the benefit I'm throwing for my mother tomorrow evening -- or would that be today -- well, that would July 14, 2007 (oh yeah, Saturday evening). More details at
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