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Movie Corner: 13 Hours

I found $5 in a coat I hadn't worn in a year. I took that $5 and went to see 13 Hours. First, may I just say, everyone who gave a stand down order and refused to send support, should be shot. This movie is as heartbreaking as anything can get. I knew the day the attack happened was September 11, 2012. As the days ticked down to that day, I knew what was coming. But it hit me so hard. Four American lives lost: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Captain Sean Smith, and retired Navy S.E.A.L.s Glenn Dougherty and Tyrone Woods. Others were maimed from one missile after another hitting the C.I.A. compound. While no support came from America. No bombers. No F-16s. Absolutely nothing. They were left to fight this on their own.

The C.I.A. Chief there wouldn't allow G.R.S. (the special forces team at the C.I.A. Compound) to go help until they finally disobeyed orders and headed over there anyway. It was a hellish fight with craven cowards. What I hadn't realized is how many of these terrorists from Ansar Al Sharia that this team managed to kill. I was quite pleased with the high costs those bastards had to pay. When their wives were weeping over their bodies at the end of the movie all I could say is they brought it on themselves and weren't worth crying over.

This movie, 13 Hours, is perhaps one of the most powerful indictments against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that ever could have been made. I thank Michael Bay for making this movie. Clinton and Obama blamed it on a protest and an anti-Islam YouTube video. Neither of which were true. They lied to the American people over and over and over. How on God's green earth Hillary Clinton garnered 49.9% of the vote in Iowa shocks me. Do these Democrats not know what she has done?

This special forces team was one of the bravest I have ever seen. They were led by Tyrone Woods. Glenn Dougherty and his team joined them toward the end of the 13 hours and they were hit with a missile and both killed. It literally breaks my heart to see the callousness from Clinton and Obama. I recall Glenn Dougherty's sister saying that Hillary Clinton told them as they were waiting for his body that, "They should feel sorry for the Libyan people."

Yes, over one hundred thousand held a rally apologizing for what happened and for the deaths which occurred. But that night the Libyan security, which Hillary Clinton said was good enough, ran away. The police ran away. Ambassador Chris Stevens, which they did not show in the movie thank goodness, was tortured and dragged through the streets before being returned to the compound where a group of Libyans found him and took him to the hospital. He was D.O.A.

This movie is a must see and easily garners 5 Stars, and if I had a higher scale I would rate it higher. Every American should see this movie and realize just exactly what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did to this special forces team and the Americans inside Libya.

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