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The Story of Ted Cruz

This is almost twelve minutes but so worth watching. 

My own father, who suffered horribly during WWII in Amsterdam, Holland, begged me on his deathbed to never let what happened in Europe happen here in America. I picked up that torch and have done all I can to educate people, help good candidates, and never say I am too busy to live up to my responsibilities as an American citizen. 

I will fight socialism and communism wherever I find it. I will never back down. This is why I support Ted Cruz. He understands what I understand. He believes what I believe about America. And he has backed up his conservative principles with action. Watch and learn.

My father is why I created the Convention of the Statesmen. The sole purpose of this convention is to educate and come up with solutions. This is grassroots at its best.

(It was posted on Facebook, but I found it on YouTube. Not sure why it says "Leaked", because it's all over the place. But enjoy.)

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