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Donald Trump Blinks

So Donald Trump says he won't show up to the Fox News debate in Iowa tomorrow night, which would be 28 January 2016. He says the reason he is not showing up is because of Megyn Kelly and that she's not nice to him.

Let's face facts, Trump cheated on his first wife with the second. He's on his third marriage and he seems to trade in his wives when they get a little too old for him. He is terribly fond of eminent domain, which he used to rob a widow of her home so he could build a parking lot. He says he's pro-choice but he believes Planned Parenthood should still receive tax dollars, and he said his sister would make a great Supreme Court Judge, but she struck down the partial birth abortion ban in New Jersey. And he's really fond of universal government run healthcare. What this says to me is Trump is not the conservative we think he is, and he's scared of Megyn Kelly.

If he's not scared of her, then he has a funny way of showing it. Honestly, does he think he's going to be so popular as president that he won't face detractors and enemies? What's he going to do when he goes up against Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu or Li'l Kim out of North Korea. If they call him names or challenge him is he going to stand up and walk away from the table? 

This is what it boils down to for me. Trump calls people names the second they challenge him or rise in the polls. Ted Cruz used to be someone he liked, now he calls him a liar and is attacking Cruz at every turn. Cruz is refusing to respond, instead campaigning on the issues and the promise of America. Trump, on the other hand, runs down the endorsers of other campaigns, and he chose to walk away from a debate which would give him the last chance to speak to the people in all the primary states.

Ted Cruz is going to the debate. So is Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush. But not Trump, because Megyn is mean to him. Now he's demanding a pow wow with Rupert Murdoch. If I were Rupert I'd ignore Trump. I hate to tell you, but being president isn't going to be a lot of fun either. Half the nation will always be ticked off at you, and people will constantly be challenging you. You can't call them all names. You can't shut them all down. 

So man up, and prove to us you're worthy of a second look, Donald Trump. Right now, you are not coming off as anyone I'd ever take a second look at.

Copyright 2016. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.

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