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Turning the Tide: The American Covenant, One Nation Under God

I had the opportunity to visit with Timothy Ballard, the author of The American Covenant: One Nation Under God to discuss whether America is under a covenant with Heavenly Father. I, of course, believe that we are. As you all know, I am a devout Latter-day Saint, also known as a Mormon. In addition, I believe deeply that we have sacred duty to defend the U.S. Constitution, preserve America and stand with Israel. I have come under great fire because of these stances, but it does not sway me from my course in the slightest.

Timothy brings an interesting perspective to the debate with his book. I interviewed Timothy on this topic on Turning the Tide with Candace Salima last week. I wanted to share with each of you if you didn't have the chance to watch or listen. It is fascinating.

Timothy Ballard Interview, Part 1

Timothy Ballard Interview, Part 2

About Timothy Ballard:

After completing a LDS Church mission in Chile, Timothy Ballard graduated Cum Laude from Brigham Young University in Spanish and Political Science, then went on to receive a MA (Summa Cum Laude) in International Politics from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Tim has worked for the Central Intelligence Agency and is currently a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security. For the last eight years, he has worked as an adjunct professor in American and International Politics at San Diego State University and at Imperial Valley College. Tim is also a book reviewer for The Association for Mormon Letters. A frequent youth and fireside speaker in matters dealing with national and spiritual security, Tim lives in Southern California with his wife and six children. (

I then followed this interview up with the Walter Cronkite performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir:

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Christmas, no matter how sparse it may or may not have been, please remember that Christmas is about the celebration of our Savior's birth, and not so much about how many gifts are under the tree.

In addition, more now than ever before, America stands at the precipice. Behind her is the republic outlined in the U.S. Constitution which held her in good stead for nearly 236 years, ahead of her is the rotting corpse of communism being pushed by Barack Obama and his ilk. The Muslim Brotherhood is trumpeting the destruction of the free world, determined to bring us all Islamic control, and Barack Obama is aiding and abetting them. In other words, it's time to make a choice, and to then fight for that choice. For me and my home, we have chosen God and the United States of America ... and that is who and what we will fight to defend.

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  1. Why was the interview with timothy Ballard removed?

  2. Mr. Ballard insisted I remove it. He doesn't want any LDS references tied to his new book. I wasn't happy with it, but went ahead and honored his request. Needless to say, I will not be interviewing him again.

  3. Thank you for your honesty about this situation. This does shine a different light, doesn't it? Curious, indeed.

  4. It does, and saddens me. I feel Mr. Ballard's first book was amazing and I'm glad I have a copy of it. I believe it's being removed from everywhere, which is a shame.


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