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Vast Mormon Conspiracy

Go Michael! Thanks you for not buying into the nonsense former Mormons like to peddle. A conspiracy? Really. Do you believe in aliens too? The guy who called, not Michael Medved.
Vast Mormon Conspiracy Vast Mormon Conspiracy Reviewed by Unknown on Saturday, August 16, 2008 Rating: 5


  1. This is one of the most spontaneous and encouraging defenses by a friend of another faith that I've seen in some time!

  2. Loved it!

    I've always liked Michael Medved. He's been one of the few film critics that has talked about the demise of appropriate family viewing.

    Remember when you could gather the family around the tv on weeknights and watch something together?

    And it's nice to see someone from another faith defend us.

    That guy on the phone sounded like an idiot.

  3. that actually was funny. the caller sounded like a loon. his arguement didn't prove or come close to proving his allegation. and he hit on the nail about Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer! And speaking of our conspiracy to do good: I was in Texas when the hurricans it and it was OUR Church members who were out there every weekend by the hundreds helping to clean up. I didn't see any other groups when my son and I was out there. We are one of the first to send aid throughout the world. Etc. Glad he brought that up. Hey Candace, my son flies to Argentina on Monday from the MTC. We are so excited !!!!

  4. Michael Medved was very articulate and sincere.

  5. Candace,

    I love this...thanks for sharing...I may link, sure that's o.k. with you.

    Isn't it funny that it's always the dissenters that try and give the church a bad name? It's been that way since what....the days of Adam?

    I loved that this Jewish talk show host stood up for us even better than we maybe could have done for ourselves.


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